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April 2015
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Syrian Tomato Salad and Tuscan Zucchini Pie

I was feeling pretty global last night, so I decided to pull out Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian and see what she had to say that worked with my fridge contents. Her first offering was a Tuscan Zucchini pie, that looked an awful lot like a quiche without the crust. I replaced the egg in the [...]

BBQ Seitan-Coleslaw Sandwiches and Sweet n’Sour Mung Beans

This meal was ok. I’m warning you in advance that it wasn’t stellar…what can I say? Having cooked it, I’d like it to be stellar, but I can’t lie to you, it was just ok. Not being in the mood to do any heavy-duty cooking, I decided to use up my remaining seitan cutlets in [...]

First TRINIDADIAN food ever…

We really did two main courses last night…a pretty hefty Asian soup, and a Trinidadian curry over Moroccan whole wheat couscous. (tastes just like the normal stuff, score huge) The soba noodle and Napa cabbage soup came from Claire’s All-American Vegeterian Cooking, written by Claire Crisculo, the owner of the BEST vegetarian restaurant in New [...]

The BEST, most eclectic dinner ever

Forget themes, random is WAY more fun…and tonight’s meal was definitely fun. Fun and DELICIOUS…so really, what more could you ask for? This was a 3 course extravaganza, and it was all ready (start to finish) in under an hour. Pretty sweet huh? Be jealous. The only dish of the three that was the least [...]

A little Asian Flair

The hot and sour soup recipe from V’con is a favorite in my home, and last time I made as much as would fit in the pot, so that I could put another meal’s worth in the freezer for a later date. Yesterday was that “later date”. The flavor and all the veggies were still [...]