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April 2015
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Creamy-Spicy Seitan with Coconut Quinoa

This feels so NAUGHTY…and yet, it’s really not bad for you. Granted the entire can of coconut milk in the recipe IS full of fat….but according to some reading I’ve been doing lately, although coconut is chock full of saturated fat, it’s good for you…great even. Apparently indigenous people who cook everything with coconut oil [...]

Sticky BBQ Wingz and Cheater Baked Beans

In addition to a nice, healthy, salad. (not pictured) last night’s meal was a sugar-ridden cacophony of kid-friendly, dentist-hating food. We started things off with Vegan Dad’s BBQ Buffalo Wingz…which are absolutely AMAZING. I’d been wanting to try these off his blog forever, and with the book in my pantry, I had absolutely no excuse [...]

Sweet N Sour Seitan

This was another idea I got from the Brand Name Chinese Cookbook although I didn’t follow the directions in the least. The seitan hit the wok with sliced carrots, green bell, celery, leek, and a can of pineapple chunks. The sauce was a combination of the juice from the pineapple, shoyu, hoisen sauce, and white [...]

Orange Seitan

Orange Beef is another popular Chinese dish that I remember from my childhood…and since I was making some seitan for a sweet and sour dish coming later this weekend, I decided to double the recipe and make some orange seitan over rice as well. I used the simple seitan recipe from V’con as usual, and [...]

Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Pork

Why on earth would I buy something called “Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Pork” that comes in a can? Well, why not…try everything once. This sat in the pantry for a couple weeks, since frankly, I was scared of it. No need…it wasn’t bad. Will I buy sweet and sour pork in a can again? Probably [...]

lychee seitan and a sugar snap stir-fry

I remember when I was a kid, there was this fairly classy chinese sit down restaurant my family would go to from time to time. We always got the moo shoo pancakes (which I’ve already done a veggie version of) and another dish we often ordered was the lychee chicken. I actually haven’t had lychee [...]

Schnitzel and Fruit “cups”

Way back before I went Veggie, one of my favorite foods that my mother cooked was schnitzel…essentially chicken patties, breaded and then baked. That doesn’t sound very exciting…but somehow, it IS. In Israel you can buy “vegetarian schnitzel” at every run of the mill grocery store, and it is generally full of corn or some [...]

Asian Experiment

Today I decided it was time to hit up the Asian Market again…mostly because I was down to the last drop of peanut oil, and there’s no better (read; cheaper) place to get it. We decided to play around in the aisles a bit, picking up a bunch of stuff we’d either never seen…or never [...]

Seitan Pot Pie

This was an idea I had awhile back when a co-worker was talking about his favorite food…chicken pot pie. My immediate thought was ‘why on earth haven’t I done that?” and I set about coming up with a recipe. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a real pot pie…even in my pre-vegetarian days, but [...]

Seitan 65

So I was watching Iron Chef last week, and the challenging chef (who was of Indian Origin) made a dish he called a take-off of “Chicken 65″. He then went on to explain that while the dish varies widely depending on where you have it, the rumor is that it got it’s name from a [...]