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April 2015
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Belgian Waffles!

One of my scores on black friday was a rotating belgian waffle maker that I got at Kohls, and while I had an old square waffle maker, when I saw this in the circular I just had to have it.  There’s nothing better than fresh fruit on a waffle, and while we had strawberries and [...]

Whole Wheat Waffles with Red Wine and Mushroom Gravy

So I know I said I’d be better about posting…but then I went and got the flu or something like it, and became a bum.  I still feel pretty darn sick, but that’s why I’m sitting on the couch posting…I can’t do much of anything else successfully right now.  I HAVE been cooking though…something about [...]

I’m fashionably late…but I made it!

So I was waiting forever for Vegan Brunch to be released, and the week it was finally to occur…I lost my job, and subsequently decided that I have a whole lot of cookbooks, and shouldn’t be spending my money on new ones while I don’t have income and need to pay bills.  So I still [...]


Breakfast for dinner is ALWAYS exciting…and somehow seems to be so much more delicious than breakfast in well…the morning.  I had some leftover tempeh bacon from the BLT, so I figured I should make some “sides” for it. The waffle maker hadn’t been out in awhile, so I went back to the banana waffles from [...]