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April 2015
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Cauliflower-Leek Kugel with Herbed Almond Topping

I feel pretty safe saying that I’m something of a kugel expert. I am infinitely familiar with sweet desert kugels…sweet dinner kugels….vegetable kugels…noodle kugels…meat kugels (although I haven’t had one in years) you name it…I’ve probably had it in kugel form. This VwaV recipe, however, was my first vegan kugel, and the actual kugel part [...]

Valentines Dinner

This was me and my boyfriend’s third V’Day together and we did the same thing we have the last couple years, which is cook a nice dinner together, for just the two of us. This was the first time our Valentines dinner was completely Vegan, although with all the coconut milk it was beyond decadent, [...]

Wakame Soba Noodle Soup and a TLT

I was trying to decide how to stick to one ethnicity/food style for dinner tonight….and somehow we ended up having TLTs (tempeh, lettuce, tomato) and a wakame-soba noodle soup. The soup was a recipe from Vegetarian Planet and it was ok. Just ok. I do like the wakame, which I’m used to from the miso [...]

Pea Soup and Jamaican Jerk Seitan

First off…I have to give credit to Jamie Oliver, he redeemed himself with this one. The only change required to make this soup vegan was replacing the chicken broth with vegetable…or in this case “not chik’n broth”. You can’t see it in the picture, but this is chock full of fresh peas, undoubtedly the best [...]

Sloppy Joes

I did it. I saved the “veggie burgers” from Vwav, and they were absolutely delicious. I’d been wanting to try out a sloppy joe tvp rendition for awhile now, and although I’ve never even had the original version, when it occurred to me that I could try it with the failed burgers, I was quickly [...]

Orange Glazed Scones and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy

So today was a VwaV day, and OMFG did it make up for the TVP burger disaster. Breakfast was a combination of the leftover tempeh bacon from yesterday (my omni friend who’d never heard of tempeh before this morning even liked it!) and the orange glazed scones (also from VwaV). The scones were ridiculously easy, [...]

Tempeh Bacon

As promised, I have the tempeh bacon from VwaV… This was REALLY good…chalk it up on the slowly growing list of tempeh foods that I actually enjoy. It’s no bourbon glazed meatloaf…but it’s awful close. I think the trick to this is to burn it…mine was literally black on the bottom, but it tasted great..and [...]