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April 2015
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Marinated Mushrooms and a Hot n Sour Slaw

Tonight was a very “antipasti” medley of sorts. We had green olives and whole roasted garlic spread on toast as well, but they aren’t pictured. I’ve been wanting to try out Marinated Mushrooms for awhile, as they’re a household favorite, and I’m not huge on some of the sketchy ingredients that come in your average [...]

Burekas and Shitake Consumme

I’ve wanted to try out home made burekas for a couple years now, since among other things, they aren’t available in the freezer section of my local market like in Israel. I’m pretty sure the standard bureka just has a layer of mashed potatoes between puffed pastry, but these were a bit more “unique”, and [...]

Jamaican Mix-Up Rice

If Jamaicans had their own version of fried rice…this would be it. And I don’t want to sway in my allegiance to greasy brown rice and undistinguishable veggies in a cardboard carton, but this was damn good. The recipe also made a TON, so I’m sure I’ll be eating it for the next three days. [...]


This was a recipe I got from Vegetarian Planet, and altered a bit since I didn’t have parmesan or walnuts. The exciting part? I made it vegan!! I’d been craving spaghetti squash, something I haven’t had…pretty much since I started cooking for myself, since I’d never really thought to buy it. When I saw the [...]

African Stew over Couscous

It got pretty chilly last night, so I was in the mood for something hearty…enter stew. I picked out the African Stew from Vegetarian Planet only to discover that I didn’t have three of the vegetables…which basically made up the soup. I decided to improvise anyway, and replaced sweet potato, collards and cauliflower with baby [...]

Last Summer Grilling

Yesterday they closed the pool for the season, and since the grills were opened in conjunction with the pool, and the gas was turned off when the pool closed every night…we kind of figured they were being shut down for the year as well, and made sure to use them yesterday. I decided to make [...]

Apple-Brie Sandwiches with Onion Chutney

This was another Vegetarian Planet recipe, delicious, yet simple. We were out of bread, so I used some remaining burger rolls, which worked out great when pressed under a cast iron skillet. (Great for making mufelleta’s as well) The crispness of the granny smith apple coupled with the sweetness of the homemade onion chutney and [...]