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April 2015
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A little Asian Flair

The hot and sour soup recipe from V’con is a favorite in my home, and last time I made as much as would fit in the pot, so that I could put another meal’s worth in the freezer for a later date. Yesterday was that “later date”. The flavor and all the veggies were still [...]

Salad and Sandwich…it’s too hot for soup

Tonight’s dinner was pretty eclectic. One of my bosses at work is a Veggie who eats fish and shellfish, and we often exchange recipes. Thinking I eat shellfish (I don’t) the other day she gave me a recipe for a mango/shrimp cocktail from Rachael Ray’s morning talk show. I looked at the ingredients and decided [...]

A Little Southern Flair

I was running on a theme yesterday, and I think I did pretty well considering it was all improv. I used the V’con recipe for skillet cornbread since I’ve been wanting to make the jalapeno variation since I bought the book. As luck would have it (and since making the cornbread at all was a [...]

Pineapple-Carrot Sunshine Muffins

This is a V’con recipe that I must admit to slightly de-Veganizing because I didn’t have the soy yogurt the recipe called for. I used dairy Vanilla yogurt, and kept everything else according to recipe. So we’ll call them “almost-Vegan Sunshine muffins”. My boyfriend requested that I make half without carrots, so really these were [...]

A classic and a Favorite

I was raised on Israeli salad (and many other Middle Eastern specialties) and made it a daily indulgence when I was studying abroad there during college. It’s a total coincidence that my boyfriend who has never been to Israel was introduced to the dish by a friend years ago, and fell in love with it. [...]

It’s Burger Season!!

So I’ve never made a burger from scratch…the freezer in my apartment is usually full of Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lovers (me) and Original Gardenburgers (my other half). It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, especially since I’m big on trying to eliminate artificial “junk” from my body, and processed “meats” are where I [...]

Seitan Piccata!!!

This is another one from V’con. I’ve never made piccata with actual chicken, so I’m not sure how this measures up, but it is definitely good. I fried up some of the simple seitan that I made earlier this week using the V’con recipe, and then got to making the sauce and green beans to [...]


WARNING….this one does involve eggs. The potatoes were totally Vegan, I made the diner home fries from V’con, for once following the recipe EXACTLY as it was written. I was tempted to add some chili pepper flakes, but I left them out. It was good, but I’m definitely excited about having a little kick next [...]

I’ve arrived

Ok…so I read food blogs CONSTANTLY. Particularly Vegan and Vegetarian food blogs, although sometimes I run the gamut. Well I also cook all the time, and although photography may not be my strong point, I’ve decided it’s time I shared some of my own creations. So here I am!!!! My first entry is probably not [...]