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April 2015
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Jelly Cupcakes

These were the first cupcakes I’ve ever made…seriously, so I was pretty concerned about how they’d come out. I should never have feared. I got the Jelly Cupcake recipe from V’con, and chose that one for a couple reasons…1. It looked quick and easy, 2. It reminds me of Chanukah time Jelly donuts, and with [...]

Pasta Fazool and Sundried Tomato Spread

I got these awesome looking Rosemary Spelt crackers, so of course I needed to make something just as exciting to slather them with. We scored a HUGE bag of sundried tomatoes last week, so the sundried tomato spread from V’con was looking pretty good. The only problem was that I didn’t have any almonds…I need [...]

Tempeh and Onions

This was a simple dish made to round out a meal of leftovers. I also made a pretty sweet salad combining the spicy citrus vinaigrette from V’con with half a papaya that met its fate on the mandolin. Sadly the salad never got as far as pictures, but it looked pretty average anyway, nothing telling [...]

Leek-Bean Cassoulet

OH. MY. COMFORT FOOD. This was SOOOO good. I’ve been wanting to make this dish since I got Veganomicon, but didn’t have vegetable shortening (or any other kind) until now, so I had to hold off. I finally got the shortening last week, and made the dish last night. The only change I made to [...]

Chili Dogs and Beer-battered Seitan

Sometimes you just want some junk food…and tonight was one of those nights. First off I made some beer-battered simple seitan. I used the classic simple seitan recipe from V’con, and made a pretty standard beer batter with flour, baking soda, paprika, and beer. fried in some canola oil. I set these up with some [...]

Cranberry Stuffing and Buttercup-Udon Stew

I’d been eying the kabocha-udon stew in Veganomicon for awhile, but held off, hoping I’d one day see a kabocha squash…no such luck. I wasn’t able to find the kombu either, which is supposed to flavor the stock. I finally decided the time had come regardless, and I would just improvise. I had all the [...]

Buttercup Baked not Ziti

I’m done with my pumpkin experiments for the season, but I still wanted to make the “pumpkin baked ziti” recipe from V’con, since I’d been eying it long before pumpkin season even began. The recipe actually calls for canned pumpkin, which would make my life much easier, but I’m not quite ready to throw in [...]

Seitan Pot Pie

This was an idea I had awhile back when a co-worker was talking about his favorite food…chicken pot pie. My immediate thought was ‘why on earth haven’t I done that?” and I set about coming up with a recipe. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a real pot pie…even in my pre-vegetarian days, but [...]

Sweet Potato Muffins

There’s not much to say about these…they came from Vegetarian Planet, and they’re VERY yummy. Selah.

Roasted Veggie Pasta and Lemoney Roasted Potatoes

I love roasting vegetables…simply because you can use pretty much anything you have on hand (with the exception of leafy greens), and they take on this amazing tender sweetness I can’t seem to achieve any other way. Today’s stars were baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, a zucchini, a red onion, and a spoonful of garlic. The [...]