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April 2015
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Asparagus Oatmeal and Lemoney Potatoes

Just thought I’d post a couple cookbook recipes I ate this week and snapped quick pictures of… The first is an asparagus-oatmeal “soup” from The Passionate Vegetarian it was interesting and filling, but I’m not sure it’s something I’d do again.  I’m not a huge oatmeal person to begin with, and savory renditions of it [...]

Rustic White Beans with Mushrooms and other Thanksgiving-like Delights

I’ve been cooking sides and desserts to bring home to the family Thanksgiving all weekend, and I decided to make a thing or two for myself as well come dinnertime.  I did the rustic white beans with mushrooms from Veganomicon (using canned beans and oyster mushrooms), topping with breadcrumbs and oven-baking for 25 minutes.  I [...]

Asparagus Crepes and Moroccan Apricot Seitan

I went back to Vegan Dad’s cookbook to try the asparagus crepes I’ve been eyeing for awhile.  I used his dinner crepe recipe as well, eliminating the sugar since I simply wasn’t sure why it was included.  The crepes didn’t taste like they were missing anything, so I stand by my decision.  This may be [...]

Golden Rice Cakes with Sweet Potato-Ginger Sauce, Schezuan Bean Curd Soup and Smlove Pie

The sauce for the Golden Rice Cakes was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made.  It was the color of perfectly ripe  cantelope, smooth as silk, and yet perfectly spiced.  I’m just a little proud.  The rice cakes themselves were pretty good too, although without the sauce I doubt they would have been anything [...]

A RAW Contest Entry

If you haven’t visited lately, Lindy-Loo over at Yeah That Vegan Shit is having a contest. With some cookbooks up for the taking, the idea is to make some rocking nips out of food, and I had to give this a shot.  You should consider that your censored warning for the pictures in this entry.  [...]

Caesar Salad V’con Style

I’ve never been a huge caesar salad fan, which is probably why I’ve never made the caesar salad from V’con, but it seems like everyone else has tried it, so I gave it a shot. It IS good…you know, as caesar salads go.  Frankly I like a larger variety of vegetables in mine and a [...]

Mushroom-Seitan Lasagna Rolls

I was totally picturing this with a white sauce on top…and then I realized that I don’t love white sauce, and we didn’t have any soymilk anyway.  Red sauce it was. Admittedly this doesn’t look nearly as exciting as it truely is…I wish I could’ve taken the picture with xray technology.  The filling was a [...]

Broccoli with Cheezy Sauce

I had a tupperware of the V’con cheezy sauce left over from the Florentine, and when a coworker mentioned the comfort food dinner he’d made including some cheddar broccoli, I knew what I had to do. YUM.  I only wish I’d done a better job of draining the broccoli after steaming, because the green juice [...]

Tofu Florentine

I didn’t exactly have a light hand with the cheezy sauce (this is a V’con recipe, start to finish) But this was damn good. It went down over whole wheat sourdough since we didn’t have potatoes or english muffins. “Tell everyone your boy approves” ‘Nuff said. Selah.

Un-Crabcakes and Southwestern Corn Pudding

This was a Southern themed dinner, albeit from different sides of the south. Representing the Bayou, we have Vegan Dad’s Crispy Cajun Crabcakes Mine looked nothing like his, but they tasted pretty darn good…I suppose I just don’t have his skill as far as beautiful food goes. Mine were also more yellow then red, which [...]