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April 2015
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Clementine Baked Beans over Tomato-Caper Couscous

I scored a really awesome cookbook from a really awesome friend recently, and although at first I thought it was a bit late for slow cooker recipes…I’ve changed my mind.  There’s nothing wrong with a little slow-cooker action in early spring, and to be honest it doesn’t give off nearly as much heat as the [...]

Ceasar and Rustic Beans and Shrooms

So this is going to sound a bit weird, but my friend left her pet food in my fridge and I made it into Ceasar.  More specifically, she left the organic romaine she feeds her guinea pigs, and the only thing I ever really do with Romaine is make it into (Vegan) Ceasar salad.  I [...]

Collards and Cornbread

I’ve done collards before…many times actually, but I feel like they’re always a bit different, and my biggest complaint is that they usually come out a little too sweet for me.  I’m not huge on cloyingly sweet foods, and it’s hard for me to eat an entire bowl/plate of something that tastes like dessert, no [...]

Spinach Pesto Pasta

If there was a gameshow where you had to speed-cook, I’d win.  And I’d make this, because I’ve got it down.  This meal came together in exactly 15 minutes from start to finish, and unlike on food network, I didn’t have any water pre-boiled or pots pre-heated.  Contrary to the picture (no time to white [...]

Baked Potato and Greens Soup with Potato Croutons

I must say that I also made miso soup this week….but the picture is cloudy and unexciting, and miso soup is pretty standard…you don’t need a recipe.  It IS on the back of every box of miso or dashi.  Somewhat more photogenic, was the baked potato and greens soup with potato croutons from V’con.  This [...]

Back after Hiatus

So I know the posting here has been  slow of late (and non-existent the last week and a half or so) but I’ ve  got good reason.  Life has been crazy.  I could give you a long list of excuses, but there’s just no point.  Suffice it to say I’ve had no time, and while [...]

Italian Feast Lasagna

To a lot of people, lasagna means layers of meat between sauce and cheese.  To me, it’s never meant that, even long before I was a veggie, I was always kosher, and so meat and cheese doesn’t fly.  Since I use no meat and very little cheese these days, I figured it was high time [...]

Farner’s Market Millet, V’con Ceasar Salad and a Blondie…sort of

I scored a few cool things at yesterday’s farmer’s market, and they all went into dinner.  I knew I had to return to the V’con Ceasar salad as soon as I saw a head of romaine larger than a regulation basketball, and that’s exactly what I did, picking up an Italian loaf from a local [...]

Summer Squash Lasagne

This was an idea I had because frankly, it was too humid to boil a huge pot of water for lasagna noodles the other day, but I was still feeling “casserole”.  I’d picked up some gorgeous summer squash at the first farmer’s market of the year, and the idea to mandolin those into thin strips [...]

Fettucini Alfreda and Butternut-Pumpkin Seed Rice Paper Rolls

This was actually two separate meals, but in the interest of er…space, I’m posting them together.  Last night’s dinner was the Fettuccine Alfreda recipe from VwaV: The pasta is topped liberally with Bac-uns, pretty much my favorite food EVER.  I’m also not sure exactly what makes this sauce remotely related to an alfredo, but I [...]