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April 2015
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This is why I don’t cook out of Vegetarian Planet…the Post.

Vegetarian Planet is a great looking cookbook with a lot of great looking recipes…that’s why I bought it way back when.  However, the more recipes I’ve made from it, the more I’ve discovered that on the whole they are bland and unimaginative, and a lot just plain don’t work the way they’re supposed to….case in [...]

Not Israeli-Israeli Couscous and a FRESH Ragu

I’ve made a lot of couscous in my time, and eaten a lot too, but ironically the only kind I don’t like is “Israeli” Couscous, and by that I mean the kind with the huge chewy pearls that remind me of a cross between tapioca and millet…not really a plan.  Then again, as I see [...]

A Little of Everything

So I keep meaning to get back to posting daily…and it just isn’t happening.  I still love cooking and taking pictures of the food I make, it’s just the actual posting that I’m getting bad at.  I will fix it though…I PROMISE.  Don’t lose hope.  A lot of the food I’ve been making lately is [...]

Tempeh and Tomato Relish on Bread

Making a sandwich for dinner can often feel like the easy way out, but then again, some sandwiches are AWESOME and you really wouldn’t want anything else for your evening meal.  This ranks up there with the AWESOME sandwiches.  It’s also got plenty of protein with the tempeh, so you won’t walk away feeling unfulfilled. [...]

Chili Mole Sin Carne and Cauliflower with Three seed sauce over Indian Rice

It’d been awhile since I cracked the pages of Vegan with a Vengeance, so I decided to try a couple of meals I’d missed this week.  The first was the chili mole sin carne: I decided to skip all the cooking instructions for this and instead threw all the ingredients in the crockpot for 5 [...]

Mushroom Bouillabaisse

I’m not generally an Emeril Lagasse fan, frankly he says “um” a lot which I find to be the MOST annoying trait in a tv personality, I know from seeing his bio once that he’s a pretty weak excuse for a family man, and the whole “BAM!” thing just rings fake to me.  But all [...]


So I was watching the movie on the Disney Channel this weekend (not like I haven’t seen it 4 times, but it’s always fun) and I had the same thought I always do when I watch it…I want to make ratatouille!  I’ve never actually done it before, but this time I was motivated enough to [...]

Roasted Pepper/Tomato Soup and Herby Cubed Potatoes

One dish that’s always a classic, is oven roasted potatoes, prepped with some dried herbs (in this case I think I went with parsley, rosemary, shallot-pepper, and garlic salt) tossed in olive oil, and baked for 40 minutes at 420F.  I pull these out and toss once in the middle, but other than that, they [...]

Spaghetti and “Meatballs”

There’s just nothing like spaghetti and meatballs…there are other things which are good….but none of them are spaghetti and meatballs, and that’s just what we had for dinner the other night.  Normally I go with balls made completely from scratch (take that as you may) but this time around I went with a shortcut in [...]

Garden Bounty

Last but not least, lest you think I’ve been lazy and wasteful of my kitchen time, I bring you “preserves”.  They aren’t really preserves, since there isn’t even any fruit, but I have trouble calling something “canning” when I’m putting it in jars.  Does that make it jarring?  I always thought that was a bad [...]