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April 2015
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Simple Pasta Supper

I can’t really take any credit for tonight’s dinner, unless it’s for the chopping, since that was my contribution. Other than that, this was my boyfriend’s creation, and I’m more than happy to give him his credit due. This was quick, simple, and filling, not to mention it used up a couple things that were [...]

Homemade Pasta

So this was my first attempt at making my own pasta with my new machine….it could have gone better. On the bright side I figured out what I was doing towards the end, so there were some good noodles…unfortunately there were also a lot of “noodle clumps”. The good news is that we live and [...]

“half” Vegan quiche

I know there’s no such thing as “half vegan”. Either a dish is Vegan or it isn’t…but with quiche I’m taking it slow. We’re talking about a dish that’s normally got three different dairy product, cheese, milk, and eggs. If I make a tofu cake in crust, that could very well be a good dish, [...]

Pasta Italiano..sort of

On our way to Chef’s the other day (A HUGE kitchen supply store where I could liquidate my bank account in minutes if not chaperoned) I noticed a building signed “Connecticut Natural Foods Market” and being well…ME, I was intrigued. As it turned out, the store itself wasn’t terribly exciting, but we did find one [...]