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April 2015
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“Beef” N Broccoli

 We haven’t had broccoli in a while, and broccoli always makes me think Chinese takeout, so that’s essentially what I did.  I’m not sure what takeout places put on their beef and broccoli, because to my memory, it’s pretty different then what I came up with.  It was still good though, so I can’t really [...]

Sweet N Spicy Stir Fry

Making this over Ramen was a mistake, but otherwise it wasn’t bad. The dish was a little too sweet for me, and the spice was lost in all the sauce. Next time I’d probably halve the sugar and double the chili flakes, but other than that, the foundations of a good sauce are there. I’ll [...]

Stir Fry

There’s nothing overly special about this….except that I used a couple fun new things I found at the Asian Market. One was long, purple eggplant….I simply couldn’t resist their fun color…and the other is green tea flavored soba noodles. The eggplant tasted a lot like normal eggplant, but nice and mild, no soaking/salting here, and [...]

Garam Masala Stir Fry

We’ve had a bottle of garam masala marinating sauce that’s been kicking around in the fridge for awhile, and tonight was its big night. I marinated tofu triangles for about half an hour in the sauce, and then grilled them in my cast iron skillet, pressing down on each side as they cooked. I also [...]

BBQ stir fry

Frankly I don’t remember what went into this. If you see it…it’s there. The pale yellow stuff is chili oil packed bamboo and I know I served it over soba noodles. I started things off with some preserved garlic and ginger in peanut oil, and added shoyu, mirin, and roasted red chili paste and honey [...]

Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Pork

Why on earth would I buy something called “Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Pork” that comes in a can? Well, why not…try everything once. This sat in the pantry for a couple weeks, since frankly, I was scared of it. No need…it wasn’t bad. Will I buy sweet and sour pork in a can again? Probably [...]

lychee seitan and a sugar snap stir-fry

I remember when I was a kid, there was this fairly classy chinese sit down restaurant my family would go to from time to time. We always got the moo shoo pancakes (which I’ve already done a veggie version of) and another dish we often ordered was the lychee chicken. I actually haven’t had lychee [...]

Yam Noodles with Peas

First off, I can’t believe that I’ve lived in this town for more than five years, and just today learned that there is a fully vegetarian supermarket not ten minutes from my apartment. Who knew? To top it all off, the prices are more than fair, the selection is great (it’s the first place we’ve [...]

Asian Experiment

Today I decided it was time to hit up the Asian Market again…mostly because I was down to the last drop of peanut oil, and there’s no better (read; cheaper) place to get it. We decided to play around in the aisles a bit, picking up a bunch of stuff we’d either never seen…or never [...]

Butternut Squash Soup and a Stir Fry

Since it’s been getting a bit chilly outside, I figured it was finally time to try out some butternut squash soup. I’ve never attempted a squash soup before, but I figured it couldn’t be too difficult…if only I’d gotten my proportions right. I’d picked out a pretty small butternut squash at the farmer’s market, since [...]