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April 2015
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French Onion Soup…

Does not photograph well, but tastes REAAALLLY good. I used the recipe in the Jamie Oliver cookbook in which he actually gave the choice of whatever stock you like, I obviously chose Veggie. The concept is a lot easier than I’d expected for some reason. Sautée a whole bunch of sliced onions with oil and [...]

First TRINIDADIAN food ever…

We really did two main courses last night…a pretty hefty Asian soup, and a Trinidadian curry over Moroccan whole wheat couscous. (tastes just like the normal stuff, score huge) The soba noodle and Napa cabbage soup came from Claire’s All-American Vegeterian Cooking, written by Claire Crisculo, the owner of the BEST vegetarian restaurant in New [...]

Some Asian Flair

I’d been thinking about Thom Kha Gai for awhile…which is interesting, considering I’ve never so much as tasted it. My boyfriend’s mother ordered it when we went out for Thai before his graduation in May though, and it looked and smelled great. (although that version wasn’t veggie) Add to that his statement that it’s one [...]

Soul Soup in the Summer!!!

Yes…it’s summer, and yes, I realize that’s not “warm the heart” soup season. I’m about 4 months late…either that, or I’m getting ready for next winter several months early. However, yesterday wasn’t overly hot by the time the sun set, and in checking out the pantry, I discovered I had all the ingredients for the [...]

A little Asian Flair

The hot and sour soup recipe from V’con is a favorite in my home, and last time I made as much as would fit in the pot, so that I could put another meal’s worth in the freezer for a later date. Yesterday was that “later date”. The flavor and all the veggies were still [...]