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May 2015
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Irish Pizza

Ok, the picture does this no justice. It is SO much better than it looks, and while I could’ve added some sparkle or something in photoshop, I don’t think that would have made it look more appetizing, so I left it alone. I tend to trust Vegan Dad, since in all honesty, he has yet [...]

Ethopian Tofu of Meh

So I’m in a rut. My oven has now been out of commission for over two weeks. Remember the sloppy joe buns I had to make in the toaster oven two weekends ago because the oven wasn’t working? Well they came in a few days later, and supposedly fixed the oven…in attempting to make a [...]

Seitan over Rice Noodles with Emeril’s Asian BBQ Sauce and Sweet N’ Sour Brussel Sprouts

Tonight’s dinner was wholly inspired by the remaining contents of my kitchen the day before grocery shopping…and the food network website. In honor of the newly returned year of the ox (my chinese zodiac!) I decided I wanted to do something with an Asian flair. I saw Emeril’s recipe for Asian Spicy Barbecue Chicken, and [...]

Wild Mushroom Ragu

Mario Batali strikes again, and he strikes vegan!!! I was actually supposed to make fresh egg=based pasta dough for this, but I used an eggless boxed variety because I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t have to worry about that. Mario recommended some grated parm on top,but I think it would’ve ruined it, the flavors [...]

Linguini with “monkfish”, thyme, and zucchini

I actually got this recipe from The Mario Batali in Italy cookbook (what can I say, I’m having a celebrity chef week) and it worked out quite nicely. I replaced the monkfish with the cruelty free version, also known as tofu in some circles. I treated the tofu just as Mario had suggested, giving it [...]

Kale Alfredo

I’m always trying to think up new ways to serve Kale, since it’s such an amazing vegetable, but can be a bit much cooked up and served alone. This one came to me a couple nights ago when I was having trouble falling asleep, and I was very happy with the result. although it didn’t [...]

Orange Glazed Scones and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy

So today was a VwaV day, and OMFG did it make up for the TVP burger disaster. Breakfast was a combination of the leftover tempeh bacon from yesterday (my omni friend who’d never heard of tempeh before this morning even liked it!) and the orange glazed scones (also from VwaV). The scones were ridiculously easy, [...]

Cornmeal-Masala Rousted Brussel Sprouts with Spiced Yogurt Sauce over Chickpea Basmati Rice

This one isn’t a looker, but boy was it filling and delicious. This was a combination of three V’con recipes (count em!) and not one steered me wrong. I did fail on my secondary mission of getting my other half to like brussel sprouts, although I won a small victory as he DID enjoy the [...]

Sticky BBQ Wingz and Cheater Baked Beans

In addition to a nice, healthy, salad. (not pictured) last night’s meal was a sugar-ridden cacophony of kid-friendly, dentist-hating food. We started things off with Vegan Dad’s BBQ Buffalo Wingz…which are absolutely AMAZING. I’d been wanting to try these off his blog forever, and with the book in my pantry, I had absolutely no excuse [...]

Sesame Glazed Green Beans

Last night’s meal was a quick mix-up of oven baked fries, leftover chickpea cutlets with gravy, and these sesame glazed green beans from Vegetarian Planet There’s a tree on the plate, which is covered up by the green beans, but I just wanted to clarify that those are branches sticking out from underneath them, not [...]