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May 2015
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Have Some Junk Food will you?

It looks like I went to White Castle….rest assured, I would never do such a thing, but our meal the other night certainly had the look: I made the All-American Grillers from Just the Food, and set them up with some of my standard lemon-caper mayo and a side of fries.  These aren’t even the [...]

Tempura Fried Seitan and Maple Baked Carrots

So you know when you start out intending to do one thing, and you run into one issue, followed by another…and end up with something completely different from what you had intended, but probably better anyway?  That’s basically what happened here, with what was supposed to be beer battered Seitan (think the same consistency as [...]

Chickpea “crabby”cakes

The one thing that really sucks about these…before I even get started, is that I made them awhile ago, and don’t remember exactly what I put in them.  I remember them being really darn good…and wishing I made twice as many as I did….but I’m just not sure I’ll remember everything I put in them, [...]

Nachos and Taco Burgers

I hadn’t made veggie burgers in awhile, and to make up for that, I picked a few from Just The Food to try out this week, starting with the Ortega Burger.  Although I followed the recipe to a T, I’m calling this a taco burger only because the taco seasoning packet that I used wasn’t [...]

Winner, winner tempeh dinner!

This was sooooo good.  Like I ‘just can’t stop thinking about it and imagining the next time’ good.  Not thoughts I have often about tempeh, but oh MAN did this recipe do it for me.  I wish I could say I’d come up with this, but the stroke of genius goes elsewhere this time.  I [...]

Dry Rubbed BBQ Tofu

This idea came from Vegan Dad although I think I went a good bit heavier on the dry rub then he did.  I also used the bottled Malaysian Pineapple BBQ sauce in the fridge rather than making my own from scratch. My spice rub was a combination of paprika, sea salt, shallot-pepper, cayenne, onion powder, [...]

Asian Marinated Green Beans

These green beans weren’t actually marinated…they were cooked with the remaining marinade from the portabella mushrooms, which thickened considerably during that cooking process and created a sauce I just couldn’t throw out. The beans were sautéed in a bit of peanut oil to keep an Asian flavor, and after a couple minutes the remaining marinade [...]

Passover Friendly Food fit for Royalty

For 8 days, I can’t have ANY wheat products (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, couscous, wheat gluten, etc) dried beans and the products they make (soy, chickpeas, navy, kidney, lima, black, butter, etc) and no peanuts.  Basically, this is the anti-vegetarian holiday, and I generally hate what I eat for this week.  Not tonight…this was all [...]

Grandma’s “brisket”

With Passover coming up, I’m craving some of my family’s traditional holiday food (not including matzoh…which I can live without) and so I called up my grandmother.  “What’s your brisket recipe I asked?”  Remembering my favorite meat until the days I went Veggie six years ago and wanting to give it a shot… Turns out [...]

Mushroom-Seitan Lasagna Rolls

I was totally picturing this with a white sauce on top…and then I realized that I don’t love white sauce, and we didn’t have any soymilk anyway.  Red sauce it was. Admittedly this doesn’t look nearly as exciting as it truely is…I wish I could’ve taken the picture with xray technology.  The filling was a [...]