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April 2015
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Ethopian Tofu of Meh

So I’m in a rut. My oven has now been out of commission for over two weeks. Remember the sloppy joe buns I had to make in the toaster oven two weekends ago because the oven wasn’t working? Well they came in a few days later, and supposedly fixed the oven…in attempting to make a [...]

Cornmeal-Masala Rousted Brussel Sprouts with Spiced Yogurt Sauce over Chickpea Basmati Rice

This one isn’t a looker, but boy was it filling and delicious. This was a combination of three V’con recipes (count em!) and not one steered me wrong. I did fail on my secondary mission of getting my other half to like brussel sprouts, although I won a small victory as he DID enjoy the [...]

Stuffed Mushrooms and Green Curry

For some reason I’ve had NO appetitive the last couple days. Throughout the day I have less than zero desire to eat, and when I force myself to do so, I can only choke down a few bites before feeling like I am about to explode. Considering I usually eat enough for two…this is VERY [...]

Jamaican Mix-Up Rice

If Jamaicans had their own version of fried rice…this would be it. And I don’t want to sway in my allegiance to greasy brown rice and undistinguishable veggies in a cardboard carton, but this was damn good. The recipe also made a TON, so I’m sure I’ll be eating it for the next three days. [...]


This was definitely an “everything but the kitchen sink” type dish, inspired by a paella I saw Curtis Stone make on Take Home Chef this afternoon (I admit to watching way too much television) and a need to finish off a bunch of things in the fridge that didn’t add up to any more specific [...]

Daikon Greens and Rice

If you’d mentioned daikon greens yesterday, my response would have been…”daikon has greens?” I always buy my daikon with the top and bottom chopped off…a 6 inch tube of white radish…and while I could see it had been chopped…I never really knew or wondered what I was missing. I’d been having trouble getting my hands [...]

Zucchini – Mung Bean Dal

I’m having a very “Indian” themed week, so you can expect a lot more ethnic food over the next few days. I’m going to be making more hot and sour soup as well, but I’ve blogged about it before, so I won’t bore you with those details. I started my Asian kick with the Zucchini-Mung [...]

Carrot-Zucchini Wontons, Fried Rice and Pickled Carrots

Greg came over one last time before leaving for a year in Korea this week, and in honor of his relocation to Asia, we made Asian food. I didn’t attempt any Kimchee…although I have a recipe for it, and the thought did cross my mind. Instead, I decided to class it up a bit, and [...]

I made another recipe from Vegetarian Planet today, this one being the Indonesian bean curd stew. This had a very similar flavor profile to Thom Kha Tofu, although there was no soy sauce, which was pretty exciting, because I’ve been feeling a bit of “soy sauce-overload” lately. I also eliminated the “optional” cilantro from the [...]

Chinese Green Beans, Saffron Rice, and a Blackberry Crumble

First, an apology. I’m having serious computer problems, and because my laptop has been un-usable, I’ve built up a serious backlog of food. To fix it, I’m going to try and combine several dishes into a couple entries and get the one that follows this up as quick as possible. In the meantime I’m using [...]