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April 2015
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Black Bean Un-Koftas, Crumbled Potatoes with Edamame, and Red Cooked Daikon

This was a very ethnic meal, which I’m sometimes thrilled with, and other times they can be a flop. This one was good. Flipping through Brand Name Chinese, I saw a recipe for lamb koftas, which are meatballs with an almond stuffed inside, covered with a thick yogurt based gravy. Commence mission veganize: I came [...]

Vegan Quesadillas

Now I realize that Vegan quesadillas is an oxymoron…what with queso meaning cheese and all..but I wasn’t sure what else to call them. This was actually a conglomeration of a couple Vegan Dad recipe from the cookbook, but since I’m an over achiever, I went and found them on the site for you as well. [...]

Maple-Mustard Glazed Potatoes and String Beans

VwaV…you went off, and you did it again, these are AMAZING. As usual I went ahead and jazzed things up a bit by mincing a hot pepper and adding it to the mix, but the sauce was all Isa. I could’ve eaten the entire casserole dish worth of this by myself, but sadly, I had [...]

Irish Pizza

Ok, the picture does this no justice. It is SO much better than it looks, and while I could’ve added some sparkle or something in photoshop, I don’t think that would have made it look more appetizing, so I left it alone. I tend to trust Vegan Dad, since in all honesty, he has yet [...]

Orange Glazed Scones and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy

So today was a VwaV day, and OMFG did it make up for the TVP burger disaster. Breakfast was a combination of the leftover tempeh bacon from yesterday (my omni friend who’d never heard of tempeh before this morning even liked it!) and the orange glazed scones (also from VwaV). The scones were ridiculously easy, [...]

Spiced Hash Browns

Definitely not my first Vegan Dad recipe, but it was the first I made from my officially printed and bound copy of his book! These were pretty classic hash browns, although the array of spices was a pretty nice addition, and I was a BIG fan of the cayenne…but aren’t I always? I can’t wait [...]

Cajun Meatloaf with Bourbon Sauce and Sweet N’ Sour Potato Shreds

Vegan Dad went…and he did it again. He made something so totally delicious looking, that I could practically taste it from the picture, and couldn’t think of anything else but consuming it until I’d made my very own. Vegan Dad’s Picture looks way more appetizing than mine, but I can promise I followed his recipe [...]

Beer Brats and Garlic-Stuffed Potatoes

The recipe for the brats came from Yellow Rose Recipes, and the idea to top them with onions and peppers is from B36 Kitchen. The sausages were o.k….I’ve made and eaten better. To be honest these were rather bready and bland, things I should have thought of during the mixing process because I could have [...]

Potato Gnocchi

This one isn’t Vegan, and while I know you CAN make vegan gnocchi, I’ve never done it before, and everything I read said if you want to eliminate eggs, to use them the first time, halve them the second time, etc, to make sure you’ve got the hang of it before going completely without. Considering [...]

Vegan Mofo Kickoff

I’m kicking of VeganMofo pretty slow…I wasn’t in the mood to cook anything time consuming last night, and I’d already eaten an early dinner before leaving my parent’s house, so I wasn’t all that hungry either. My boyfriend hadn’t eaten yet though, so I decided to whip something up to compliment his salad. This was [...]