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April 2015
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Baked Potato and Greens Soup with Potato Croutons

I must say that I also made miso soup this week….but the picture is cloudy and unexciting, and miso soup is pretty standard…you don’t need a recipe.  It IS on the back of every box of miso or dashi.  Somewhat more photogenic, was the baked potato and greens soup with potato croutons from V’con.  This [...]

Back after Hiatus

So I know the posting here has been  slow of late (and non-existent the last week and a half or so) but I’ ve  got good reason.  Life has been crazy.  I could give you a long list of excuses, but there’s just no point.  Suffice it to say I’ve had no time, and while [...]

A Story in Pictures

Lately I’ve been turning to Vegan Brunch for all my meals, some of which have been winners, others not as much.  I’m short on time and not terribly motivated (what can I say?  Humidity does that to me) so this is basically just going to be a list of pictures. First up, these are the [...]

“Irish” Potatoes

Maybe it’s horribly stereotypical of me, but I’m calling these Irish for the simple fact that the dish involved cabbage and potatoes.  The colors also remind me somewhat of the corned beef and potatoes my parents would make once or twice a year when I was a kid.  (no we’re not Irish, but there’s nothing [...]

Sundried Tomato Basil Burgers

Yet another recipe courtesy of the famous Just The Food blog…and I REALLY liked this one.  My version isn’t gluten free like the original since I used plain old whole wheat flour, but I didn’t need it to be.  The only complaint I could make about these is that they were a bit mushy, but [...]

Penzy’s Potato Salad

This potato salad recipe was adapted from “Mom’s Kitchen Sink Potato Salad”  in the 2009 Penzy’s spices catalog.  The picture made my mouth water, so I had to make it, albeit minus the chicken stock, hard-boiled egg, and bacon.  I also messed with the amounts a bit, so bare with me, I’ll post the entire [...]

Persian Pilaf and Lemon-Cashew Tofu

I made Persian Pilaf in honor of those in Iran who were outspoken about their beliefs and jailed for it…so they can’t enjoy such dishes.  This was probably the most time consuming rice dish I’ve ever made start to finish, and that even included risottos.  Unlike a risotto, a lot of the time with this [...]

Breakfast Casserole with Love and Best Dishes

Nobody would ever accuse Paula Deen’s food of being vegan…(or figure friendly for that matter) but here I’ve gone and managed to make one of her decidedly un-vegetarian, un-vegan recipes just that.  It’s still not terribly healthy, but then you can’t have it all.  You can check out Paula’s Version here .  This isn’t the [...]

Spring Garlic Hash

This recipe was (very) loosely based on the Leek-Potato Vinaigrette in Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant . Spring garlic looks a lot like leeks, but smells like Garlic, and is pretty much only available in late spring. (At least that’s the only time I can get it around here) I was craving some potatoes as [...]

Chinese Takeout Burgers with Purple Mashed Potatoes and Snow Peas

I’d had the Chinese Take Out Burgers from Just the Food bookmarked for weeks now, and I finally got around to making them yesterday.  Yum! I’m glad I didn’t attempt to put these on a bun, because it would’ve been too much.  They’re essentially rice patties (delicious rice patties) and that’s enough carbs for me [...]