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April 2015
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Pesto Vegetable Pizza

There’s nothing quite like a pizza with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes on it…those are my favorite toppings at a Western Massachusetts Pizza place of choice, and it’s even better when I can top my own, and add lots of other goodies as well.  Corn on pizza is something you see a lot of in Israel [...]

Mushroom and Onion “Pizza”

I’m thankful my roommate stole a slice of this on her way out the door the other night…it’s frightening enough that I ate the other 5/6 in a single sitting, considering it is a large pizza sized crust, but I simply couldn’t seem to stop myself, since it was so darn GOOD.  I got a [...]

Broccoli-Corn Salad and Mediteranean Pizza

When you’ve got some beautifully colored veggies and it’s a hot summer day, cooking things seems almost criminal, and when I hit on the idea for a quick broccoli-corn salad, I knew it was paydirt.  This was delish (as Rachael Ray would say) and quick and easy.  I did blanch the broccoli a bit…but shhhh!  [...]

Asian Bok Choy Pizza

So when the idea for bok choy pizza struck me the other day, I figured the first thing I’d do was google and see if anyone else had done it and had a good looking combination.  I was pretty excited when a search brought up my site first until I realized that I, of course, [...]

Trader Joes “Mozz” and Stuffed Artichokes

So there’s a Trader Joes about 20 minutes away from me, which I used to find pretty exciting…but then I discovered Edge of the Woods (the Vegetarian Grocery in New Haven) which became my regular shopping destination, followed by the Whole Foods that recently opened right near the Trader Joes for anything I couldn’t normally [...]

Well it LOOKS like Pizza

Sometimes I have very strange cravings.  Back when I did a semester at Ben Gurion University, we had a Madrich (Hebrew for Counselor/leader) who was an Israeli University student in charge of all the official extracurriculars for our program.  As it turns out, this Madrich was a sustainable garden-growing, home-building, Vegan leftist, Army dissenter and [...]


I apologize in advance that this one is not Vegan, but can easily be made so by using a Vegan cheese product or tofu ricotta….oooh, I should’ve gone the tofu ricotta route….that sounds delicious.  I’ve actually never made a calzone before, but we were thinking pizza last night and I decided “why not take it [...]

Irish Pizza

Ok, the picture does this no justice. It is SO much better than it looks, and while I could’ve added some sparkle or something in photoshop, I don’t think that would have made it look more appetizing, so I left it alone. I tend to trust Vegan Dad, since in all honesty, he has yet [...]

Mushroom Focaccia

We decided to mix up pizza night a bit by making focaccia instead of pizza…a mushroom one to be exact. I used a pizza dough mix for this…straight out of the bag and add water. The dough was topped with morrel mushrooms, white buttons, minced garlic, sundried tomatoes, dried basil, salt, pepper, and white truffle [...]

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Ok I admit it…the Pizza Hut commercials were getting to me, and this one most definitely isn’t vegan. The pizza is topped with sliced, fresh mozzarella, mushroom pasta sauce, fresh spinach, and black olives. I used a crust mix, and rolled string cheese into the sides to create the “stuffed crust”. In no way was [...]