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April 2015
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Garlic Scape Pesto

There are certain dishes that are so easy and delicious, I make them multiple times and go to them as a standby when I have company over.  That said, this one in particular usually vanishes so fast I can’t get a picture, and due to its vanishing act, I haven’t been able to blog about [...]

A Story in Pictures

Lately I’ve been turning to Vegan Brunch for all my meals, some of which have been winners, others not as much.  I’m short on time and not terribly motivated (what can I say?  Humidity does that to me) so this is basically just going to be a list of pictures. First up, these are the [...]

Korean Cucumber Salad and Quick Spicy Pasta

When I saw the size of the cucumbers at the farmer’s market yesterday, the first thing I thought of was the Korean Cucumber Salad that Renae over at I eat Food made this week.  The cucumbers at the market were so big I only used one for the recipe, and boy was I glad.  I [...]

Eastern European Casserole and “Chicken” Fried Tofu

I made a couple recipes from the Passionate Vegetarian this week, one of which was a great success…the other…not-so-much.  I knew one of two things would happen with a “casserole” that included egg noodles, saurkraut, onions, apples, and apple sauce.  It would either be REALLY good, or pretty bad.  This wasn’t as bad as it [...]

Mediterranean Orzo

There’s nothing like an orzo salad, and while I didn’t have the patience to cool this, it was also delicious hot.  So I amend my statement…there’s nothing like an orzo salad that’s just as good hot as it is cold.  Enter last night’s (quick) and easy dinner. The other awesome thing about this orzo was [...]

Swedish Meatballs

This is another one that gets chalked up to Joni over at Just the Food, and man is it good.  I’ve never actually had the Ikea Swedish meatballs, since I’m a straight up lygonberry jam fan, but I imagine they’d taste a lot like this dish…you know, if they were veggie, and awesome. I did [...]

Fettucini Alfreda and Butternut-Pumpkin Seed Rice Paper Rolls

This was actually two separate meals, but in the interest of er…space, I’m posting them together.  Last night’s dinner was the Fettuccine Alfreda recipe from VwaV: The pasta is topped liberally with Bac-uns, pretty much my favorite food EVER.  I’m also not sure exactly what makes this sauce remotely related to an alfredo, but I [...]

Spaghetti N’ Franks

Sometimes you just need some good ole comfort food, and coming off a 24 hour stomach virus, that’s definitely what I needed.  I made this a bit healthier than my childhood version with smart dogs, whole wheat pasta, and baby spinach in the sauce, but it still did the trick. Ingredients 1 pkg whole wheat [...]

Quick Italian Pasta

I AM still alive…the last few days I was being fed by others as my best friend (an awesome vegan!) was getting married and I was in the wedding party.  Today’s dinner was my pretty standard “there’s nothing in the fridge” meal, seeing as we were doing shopping AFTER the meal.  I’ve done this (or [...]

Vegan Dad’s Mac N Cheese

I’m not doing too well with eating right now.  I’m going through a really tough time emotionally, and when I’m unhappy, I don’t eat.  Everyone keeps telling me I should have comfort food, so I whipped up some of Vegan Dad’s Creamy Mac N Cheese. (from the cookbook) Those little green things are peas (I’ve [...]