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April 2015
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Lemon Basil Oven-Baked Tofu over Pasta

One of the things I like best about the Market I go to (along with the fact that it’s fully Vegetarian AND kosher, is the seasonal produce they bring in…and how it changes almost constantly.  The selection actually looks a lot like that at the farmer’s market and much of it comes from the same [...]

Potato – Broccoli Soup and Pasta Frittata

It cooled down for most of last week, and with that dip in temperature,  I was craving soup again.  I decided to pull out V’con again, since its been sitting on the shelf for awhile, and see if there were any new soups I hadn’t made yet and had all the ingredients for.  I was [...]

Pasta, pasta, and more pasta.

There’s definitely been a trend lately….I’ve been making a lot of pasta.  First the breaded seitan made a repeat appearance as chicken parm: Next I decided to break into a jar of Thai Kitchen pad thai sauce that had been sitting in the pantry for what feels like forever.  So this is basically whatever veggies [...]

Tomato-Scape Pasta

It’s finally scape season…and I’ve been waiting for week.  I mean literally…WEEKS.  It may not sound long, but to me it feels like forever, and when I got to the farmer’s market this week and was literally surrounded by the scapes, I was in HEAVEN.  When I picked up 12 for a dollar, I was [...]

Simple Balsamic Pasta with Roast Veggies

There are two veggies I find go really well with balsamic vinegar….asparagus, and mushrooms.  I don’t normally make them together, but this time around, I figured, hey, why not?  I was also craving carbs, so balsamic-oven baked veggies over pasta it was for dinner. Ingredients 1 bunch asparagus, bottoms removed and cut into thirds Approx [...]

Hot Dog n’ Kraut Sandwiches and Falafel Pasta

I’ve been eating strange food lately…normal (or fairly normal) ingredients, but in pretty abnormal combos.  I’m not normally a dogs and kraut person at all, but I was having a craving earlier this week, and once I did it…I had to have it twice more in three days. To assemble my little piece de resistance [...]

The post-computer disaster food round-up

First I went to Pittsburgh for a few days where I wasn’t cooking, so there was no food.  Then my computer started doing wacky things…bad wacky.  It got worse and worse until it hit rock-bottom, became completely useless, and I had to wipe everything out and reinstall the operating system.  So that’s my story and [...]

Green Garlic Baked Ziti

If there is one dish that I always associate with comfort food, it’s baked ziti.  There’s just something so darn fulfilling about oven-baked pasta, I crave it constantly, and I’m always looking for good alternatives to the cheese laden version I got started on.  Enter this dish. Green garlic was the vegetable du jour at [...]

BLT Pasta and Veggie Pot Pie

I’ve been watching a lot of Food Network lately, and apparently this is where it gets me….Veggie-versions of Rachael Ray and Chef Anne Burrell recipes.  The BLT pasta recipe was actually veggie to begin with, which I find pretty ridiculous, because frankly I would’ve put bacon in it if it was something I ate, and [...]

This is why I don’t cook out of Vegetarian Planet…the Post.

Vegetarian Planet is a great looking cookbook with a lot of great looking recipes…that’s why I bought it way back when.  However, the more recipes I’ve made from it, the more I’ve discovered that on the whole they are bland and unimaginative, and a lot just plain don’t work the way they’re supposed to….case in [...]