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April 2015
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Carrot-Onion Au Gratin

You know what’s really great about this recipe?  If you say it right, it kind of rhymes…and that makes me happy.  The other thing that makes me happy is how ridiculously easy and delicious it was…definitely one that will be going in the standard line-up, since carrots and onions are two veggies I pretty much [...]

Green Garlic Baked Ziti

If there is one dish that I always associate with comfort food, it’s baked ziti.  There’s just something so darn fulfilling about oven-baked pasta, I crave it constantly, and I’m always looking for good alternatives to the cheese laden version I got started on.  Enter this dish. Green garlic was the vegetable du jour at [...]

Tempura Fried Seitan and Maple Baked Carrots

So you know when you start out intending to do one thing, and you run into one issue, followed by another…and end up with something completely different from what you had intended, but probably better anyway?  That’s basically what happened here, with what was supposed to be beer battered Seitan (think the same consistency as [...]

Chickpea “crabby”cakes

The one thing that really sucks about these…before I even get started, is that I made them awhile ago, and don’t remember exactly what I put in them.  I remember them being really darn good…and wishing I made twice as many as I did….but I’m just not sure I’ll remember everything I put in them, [...]

Summer Squash Lasagne

This was an idea I had because frankly, it was too humid to boil a huge pot of water for lasagna noodles the other day, but I was still feeling “casserole”.  I’d picked up some gorgeous summer squash at the first farmer’s market of the year, and the idea to mandolin those into thin strips [...]