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April 2015
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Drunken Noodles

I’m fairly convinced the Thai are pulling the wool over our eyes, because why on earth would they call a dish drunken noodles and not put any alcohol on them?  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make said dish forever (mostly because I enjoy the name) and was highly motivated the other day when I saw [...]

Cauliflower Pakoras and Onion Relish with Green Beans and Mushrooms

Cauliflower to me is such an enigma.  I always want to buy them (especially when they come in awesome colors like purple) but I never know what to do with it, and even when I find an appropriate recipe, nine times out of ten I’m seriously underwhelmed.  I don’t want to eat it plain, because [...]

Veggie Logs

This is my last recipe (at least for the time being) from Just the Food and it was a good one, although it didn’t photograph the best.  I’m not sure if it was the peanut butter or what, but these stayed together better than any TVP recipe I’ve made in the past, and I was [...]

Swedish Meatballs

This is another one that gets chalked up to Joni over at Just the Food, and man is it good.  I’ve never actually had the Ikea Swedish meatballs, since I’m a straight up lygonberry jam fan, but I imagine they’d taste a lot like this dish…you know, if they were veggie, and awesome. I did [...]

Summer Squash Lasagne

This was an idea I had because frankly, it was too humid to boil a huge pot of water for lasagna noodles the other day, but I was still feeling “casserole”.  I’d picked up some gorgeous summer squash at the first farmer’s market of the year, and the idea to mandolin those into thin strips [...]

Green Beans with Shitakes and Orange Seitan

I used the Brand Name Chinese Cookbook again last night, with mixed results.  The green bean and shitake recipe which I followed to a T was pretty good, if not entirely mind-blowing.  Since I’ve been doing chinese food lately I’ve also been using a lot of cornstarch, which I’m not too keen on, but that’ll [...]

Mango-Ginger Tofu and Sesame-Ginger-Miso Dressing

I never thought I’d say this, but there is such a thing as “too much mango”.  I’ll go head and admit it, the Mango-Ginger tofu from VwaV was too much mango for me.   I could only handle a small helping of this stuff because it was just so overpoweringly sweet and mango-ey.  There was no [...]

Winner, winner tempeh dinner!

This was sooooo good.  Like I ‘just can’t stop thinking about it and imagining the next time’ good.  Not thoughts I have often about tempeh, but oh MAN did this recipe do it for me.  I wish I could say I’d come up with this, but the stroke of genius goes elsewhere this time.  I [...]

Grilling Day 2

Once you start, you just can’t stop.  Oh wait…that’s Pringles, and I’m actually not a huge fan, what are Pringles made out of anyway?  They don’t taste like potatoes, and they’re definitely not corn chips.  But I’m off topic. The idea here was basically to grill anything and everything sitting in the fridge.  I went [...]

Purple Tofu and Greens

This recipe was based on that old classic “chicken Marsala” that has it’s place on the menu of every family style Italian restaurant.  I wasn’t going to use chicken, and I didn’t have an Marsala, so I went off on my own riff a bit here.  Instead of the more traditional pasta, I did this [...]