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April 2015
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Mushroom and Onion “Pizza”

I’m thankful my roommate stole a slice of this on her way out the door the other night…it’s frightening enough that I ate the other 5/6 in a single sitting, considering it is a large pizza sized crust, but I simply couldn’t seem to stop myself, since it was so darn GOOD.  I got a [...]

Steamed Veggie Wontons

There’s this rumor going around that wontons are supposed to be fried, and I must admit I’ve fallen pray to it in the past…there is after all, something pretty satisfying about that crunch.  I had a totally out-of-the-box idea last week though, I looked at the wonton wrappers I’d picked up at the Asian Market, [...]

Summer Succotash

Sometimes all you want is a cold salad, and what masquerades as a simple salad but sounds so much cooler?  A succotash, of course.  This recipe is perfect for summer, although I must warn you that if you plan on leaving some of this for leftovers, you should omit the olives, because the brine overcomes [...]

Asparagus Portabella Quinoa

This was the last night of Passover…I intend to wait until after dark for dinner tomorrow…it’s going to be a carb fest.  We did quinoa again tonight, and frankly if I was writing a cookbook, this would be the first recipe.  It was absolutely delicious. This may not look like much, but it was DAMN [...]