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April 2015
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Potato-spinach Knishes, VwaV Pad Thai, Hoisen Tofu Lettuce Wraps, and Red Velvet Mole

So I’m finally back from vacation, things are starting to settle back into a rhythm (just starting, I’ve got a ways to go yet) and I figured it’s time I write a bit about the last couple things I made before leaving for the West Coast, as well as the first couple meals I made [...]

Italian Vegetable Soup and Maple Mustard Baked Veggies

I made a soup that was in the grocery circular…and it was ok, but nothing special.  Here: Tomato Sauce, broth and lots of veggies was the name of the game…it would’ve been better with some fresh breadsticks or something to dip.  It’s also getting  a bit warm for soup, so maybe that’s why I was [...]

Tempura Fried Seitan and Maple Baked Carrots

So you know when you start out intending to do one thing, and you run into one issue, followed by another…and end up with something completely different from what you had intended, but probably better anyway?  That’s basically what happened here, with what was supposed to be beer battered Seitan (think the same consistency as [...]

Belgian Waffles!

One of my scores on black friday was a rotating belgian waffle maker that I got at Kohls, and while I had an old square waffle maker, when I saw this in the circular I just had to have it.  There’s nothing better than fresh fruit on a waffle, and while we had strawberries and [...]

I’m fashionably late…but I made it!

So I was waiting forever for Vegan Brunch to be released, and the week it was finally to occur…I lost my job, and subsequently decided that I have a whole lot of cookbooks, and shouldn’t be spending my money on new ones while I don’t have income and need to pay bills.  So I still [...]

Maple-Mustard Glazed Potatoes and String Beans

VwaV…you went off, and you did it again, these are AMAZING. As usual I went ahead and jazzed things up a bit by mincing a hot pepper and adding it to the mix, but the sauce was all Isa. I could’ve eaten the entire casserole dish worth of this by myself, but sadly, I had [...]

A side

Last night’s dinner was a conglomeration of leftovers and such, but I did make one very simple, yet incredibly delicious side. Dump a bunch of baby carrots into a pot, drizzle generously with maple syrup (The real kind, from VERMONT…if yours is named after or is in the shape of someones Aunt or Madame, throw [...]