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April 2015
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Kale is a super food…it’s so packed with nutrition that you can practically do a Popeye style flex after consuming just a few bites. So knowing all this, I must be eating it everyday, right? Weeelllll…maybe not everyday. I’ve had a lot of bad kale experiences…it’s very chewy, it can be a little bitter, the [...]

Mac N Cheese

I’ve made the kraft stuff out of a box…I’ve made Annies white shells (way better) and I’ve made the Mac Daddy from V’con. (Good as a dish, but nothing like actual mac and cheese). I’ve never made the REAL stuff from scratch, and so this was my first attempt. I decided on the recipe in [...]

Daikon Greens and Rice

If you’d mentioned daikon greens yesterday, my response would have been…”daikon has greens?” I always buy my daikon with the top and bottom chopped off…a 6 inch tube of white radish…and while I could see it had been chopped…I never really knew or wondered what I was missing. I’d been having trouble getting my hands [...]

The BEST, most eclectic dinner ever

Forget themes, random is WAY more fun…and tonight’s meal was definitely fun. Fun and DELICIOUS…so really, what more could you ask for? This was a 3 course extravaganza, and it was all ready (start to finish) in under an hour. Pretty sweet huh? Be jealous. The only dish of the three that was the least [...]

Soul Soup in the Summer!!!

Yes…it’s summer, and yes, I realize that’s not “warm the heart” soup season. I’m about 4 months late…either that, or I’m getting ready for next winter several months early. However, yesterday wasn’t overly hot by the time the sun set, and in checking out the pantry, I discovered I had all the ingredients for the [...]