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April 2015
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The post-computer disaster food round-up

First I went to Pittsburgh for a few days where I wasn’t cooking, so there was no food.  Then my computer started doing wacky things…bad wacky.  It got worse and worse until it hit rock-bottom, became completely useless, and I had to wipe everything out and reinstall the operating system.  So that’s my story and [...]

Some Fridge Clearing, Cheribundi and a Hike

I’m totally enjoying all this Spring Sun…and not so enjoying the spring rain, but it’ll pass, I hope.  In honor of all the great weather, we hiked up a local “mountain” the other day and I took a couple pictures to share.  The first is the view from a little more then half way up [...]

Collard Greens aka Southern Comfort

The collard greens used here are another treasure from Michelle’s garden, and even though I’m in no way southern, (just a foodie wannabe) it’s fun to pretend and whip out my personal collard greens recipe from time to time.  You obviously won’t find any ham hocks here, just as a note. Ingredients Approx 1 pound [...]

Tofu Tacos and Beans n’ Rice

There were 4 corn tacos heading towards retirement age in the fridge, and I decided that meant Mexican, which also led to the first time I’ve actually ever made beans n rice.  The tacos were ok, but the rice was AMAZING, so that’s the recipe I’ll share with you. Ingredients 1 1/4 cups jasmine rice [...]

Pomegranate Greens and Honey Whole Wheat Challah

Friday night dinner was made up of a bunch of grilled vegetables you’ve seen before (I did zucchini, radishes in foil, and corn on the cob) and a slightly more novel side that utilized the POM.  I’d been thinking about adding Pom to greens all week and was on the fence about it, but I’m [...]

Purple Tofu and Greens

This recipe was based on that old classic “chicken Marsala” that has it’s place on the menu of every family style Italian restaurant.  I wasn’t going to use chicken, and I didn’t have an Marsala, so I went off on my own riff a bit here.  Instead of the more traditional pasta, I did this [...]

Stuffed Graffiti Eggplant

I’ll be honest, and admit that I bought these because they were called graffiti eggplant, there was nothing more to it than that. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cool looking vegetables. For some reason I came up with the idea to stuff them, and it was a good one. I was originally [...]

Kale Alfredo

I’m always trying to think up new ways to serve Kale, since it’s such an amazing vegetable, but can be a bit much cooked up and served alone. This one came to me a couple nights ago when I was having trouble falling asleep, and I was very happy with the result. although it didn’t [...]

Radicchio of Grossness

I love Jamie Oliver…really I do. I met the guy back in college when I was interning at Regis and Kelly, and he was seriously the most down-to-earth person I have EVER crossed paths with…really a big kid whose making it in the food business. I love what he’s all about in terms of food, [...]

Fennel Orange Salad and Sopa de Ajo

I found a Sephardic cookbook in the library last week, and just had to check it out. For those unfamiliar, Jews are basically divided into two groups based on their family origin. More well known around these parts are the Ashkenazim….or Jews from Eastern Europe. We have the Ashkenazim to thank for quintessential Jewish dishes [...]