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April 2015
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Farner’s Market Millet, V’con Ceasar Salad and a Blondie…sort of

I scored a few cool things at yesterday’s farmer’s market, and they all went into dinner.  I knew I had to return to the V’con Ceasar salad as soon as I saw a head of romaine larger than a regulation basketball, and that’s exactly what I did, picking up an Italian loaf from a local [...]

Strawberry Pesach Cake

This is the delicious strawberry snack cake from FatFree Vegan Kitchen made Passover friendly and rather gooey.  Once I’d tried this I kept trying to describe it…and coming up with gooey.  Gooey really isn’t a bad thing…I love it when my yoga teacher calls our latter downward facing dogs “gooey” and this cake was the [...]

“Tuna” Salad and Lemon-Cherry Squares

The tuna salad recipe came from Lindyloo over at Yeah That Vegan Shit who got it from…somewhere else. I had to replace the red onion with white and I’d finished my celery in the wonton soup the day before, but I kept everything else more or less the same. Instead of kelp powder (which I [...]

Meatloaf (The Band) and Banana Split Pudding Brownies

Being somewhat fed up with the crumbly, rather bland, veggie meatloafs I’ve had in the past, I decided it was high time to try one of my own….and I was pretty happy with the results. It was somewhat crumbly until it had cooled for awhile and set up, but it still held its shape much [...]

Mocha Chocolate Chip Muffins

This week I decided to try out the Mocha Chocolate Chip muffins from VwaV. Let me summarize these for you. Chocolate cake. Shaped like a muffin. Shot of espresso included. AMAZING. Selah.

Valentines Dinner

This was me and my boyfriend’s third V’Day together and we did the same thing we have the last couple years, which is cook a nice dinner together, for just the two of us. This was the first time our Valentines dinner was completely Vegan, although with all the coconut milk it was beyond decadent, [...]

Asian Quinoa Pilaf and Sugared Basil

I wanted to make this recipe for “lemongrass quinoa pilaf” that was in Vegetarian Planet, but as it turns out, I couldn’t find lemongrass ANYWHERE this week. If worst comes to worst, Shaws normally has it in a tube…but they were completely out as well, go figure. Who needs parsley in a tube? Since I [...]

Chinese Green Beans, Saffron Rice, and a Blackberry Crumble

First, an apology. I’m having serious computer problems, and because my laptop has been un-usable, I’ve built up a serious backlog of food. To fix it, I’m going to try and combine several dishes into a couple entries and get the one that follows this up as quick as possible. In the meantime I’m using [...]

Corn-Edamame Salad, Vegetable Sushi…and desert!!!

It was perfect out yesterday, so I felt the need to compliment the weather with a perfect summer meal (enjoyed out on the balcony with some iced tea of course). We started things off with the corn-edamame salad from V’con. This took less than 5 minutes to make, and was quite yummy. It definitely gets [...]