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April 2015
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Savory Indian Sweet Potatoes and Chickpea Curry over Rice

These two things are pretty different and not really both necessary in a single meal, but I figured since I was making one I might as well do both and have leftovers…which is how it went down, and not to surprise, I loved the one I’d had before and was lukewarm about the other, although [...]

Chickpea Dal or Chana Dal

So I’d been craving Dal for awhile, which pretty much guaranteed it would be a let down when I finally made it.  This certainly wasn’t bad, but it didn’t live up to my week long craving either.  I thought I’d over-salted in an effort to overcome my constant Indian food issue, which is that it’s [...]

Reddish Thai Curry adapted from Vegan Dad

So I jumped on the VeganMofo bandwagon a bit late this year, I’m not sure how I became completely oblivious to its existence…especially considering I did it last year, but it totally skipped my mind until I saw the headline on some of my favorite reads, and went “WHERE HAVE I BEEN?????”.  Oooops.  Better late [...]

Tofu Curry with Peach Chutney

We’re calling this meal Indian Fusion since I didn’t actually reference any recipes, and I’m pretty sure anything that I create by grabbing “this and that” can’t be any closer to traditional Indian food than fusion.  It was delicious though, so fusion or not, I’ll call it a success.  There were a couple peaches heading [...]

Chickpea Spinach Curry

This is a pretty standard curry…Easy enough to make for lunch (as I did) but nothing terribly spectacular. The recipe is from VwaV, I suggest you find it there, increase the salt a bit and limit all the other spices accordingly.  That’s what I did, and the salt turned out just right and all the [...]

Mushroom Curry

This is a recipe I’d been wanting to try from Melbedggood since we’re always up for trying new mushroom recipes over here. I added some chopped scallions to the recipe for a bit of green, and used a full teaspoon of hot Asian chili paste. I’m pretty sure I also doubled the tomato paste, although [...]

Valentines Dinner

This was me and my boyfriend’s third V’Day together and we did the same thing we have the last couple years, which is cook a nice dinner together, for just the two of us. This was the first time our Valentines dinner was completely Vegan, although with all the coconut milk it was beyond decadent, [...]

Stuffed Mushrooms and Green Curry

For some reason I’ve had NO appetitive the last couple days. Throughout the day I have less than zero desire to eat, and when I force myself to do so, I can only choke down a few bites before feeling like I am about to explode. Considering I usually eat enough for two…this is VERY [...]

White Eggplant

I found these adorable baby white eggplants at the farmer’s market in town, and absolutely could not help myself. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated with these, although in retrospect I should have salted and drained them prior to cooking…they were a bit bitter. I picked out a recipe from “The New Vegetarian [...]

Something Long I can’t Pronounce

The name of this dish was something long and ridiculous in Indian that I’m pretty sure just translated to the names of some of the vegetables involved. “Minty Broccoli, Tomato and Cauliflower” or something along those lines. I got the recipe from the New Indian Vegetarian Cookbook. The real star of this dish was the [...]