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April 2015
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This is why I don’t cook out of Vegetarian Planet…the Post.

Vegetarian Planet is a great looking cookbook with a lot of great looking recipes…that’s why I bought it way back when.  However, the more recipes I’ve made from it, the more I’ve discovered that on the whole they are bland and unimaginative, and a lot just plain don’t work the way they’re supposed to….case in [...]

Summer Succotash

Sometimes all you want is a cold salad, and what masquerades as a simple salad but sounds so much cooler?  A succotash, of course.  This recipe is perfect for summer, although I must warn you that if you plan on leaving some of this for leftovers, you should omit the olives, because the brine overcomes [...]

Grilling Day 2

Once you start, you just can’t stop.  Oh wait…that’s Pringles, and I’m actually not a huge fan, what are Pringles made out of anyway?  They don’t taste like potatoes, and they’re definitely not corn chips.  But I’m off topic. The idea here was basically to grill anything and everything sitting in the fridge.  I went [...]

Un-Crabcakes and Southwestern Corn Pudding

This was a Southern themed dinner, albeit from different sides of the south. Representing the Bayou, we have Vegan Dad’s Crispy Cajun Crabcakes Mine looked nothing like his, but they tasted pretty darn good…I suppose I just don’t have his skill as far as beautiful food goes. Mine were also more yellow then red, which [...]

Polenta Lasagna with Roasted Vegetables

Yet another Vegan Dad recipe…this is the last (of the week) I promise. I’ve used cornmeal to make cornbread, and to crust various things, I’ve even made the creamy porridge like polenta…of which I’m not a fan. I never really liked cream of wheat for breakfast, and that’s what it reminded me of…except for dinner. [...]

Veggies and Stuffing

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, and even though thanks to my work schedule I’ll be spending the holiday alone, I’ve been feeling the need to make thanksgiving food anyway. Today’s dinner really consisted of a couple sides…some simple veggies, and a vegan stuffing. The veggie side started off with some quickly blanched green beans. The [...]

A Little Southern Flair

I was running on a theme yesterday, and I think I did pretty well considering it was all improv. I used the V’con recipe for skillet cornbread since I’ve been wanting to make the jalapeno variation since I bought the book. As luck would have it (and since making the cornbread at all was a [...]