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April 2015
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Superbowl Snacks!!!!

Just wanted to share a picture of our GameDay Spread.  I just watched the game with a couple close friends, but we made sure we were totally entrenched in snacks….not to mention beer, but I didn’t bother taking a picture of that….. Oh and I’d picked the Packers on the day (Since my Pats bowed [...]

Un-Crabcakes and Southwestern Corn Pudding

This was a Southern themed dinner, albeit from different sides of the south. Representing the Bayou, we have Vegan Dad’s Crispy Cajun Crabcakes Mine looked nothing like his, but they tasted pretty darn good…I suppose I just don’t have his skill as far as beautiful food goes. Mine were also more yellow then red, which [...]

Kimchee, Potato-Edamame Samosas with Coconut Mint Chutney, and Lo Mein

I’d been wanting to try out the Quick Kimchee from Vegetarian Planet for awhile now, and I finally got around to it this week. Granted, it’s been awhile since I’ve had real kimchee, but I’m pretty sure this tasted nothing like the real thing. Or looked anything like the real thing… This actually reminded me [...]

Creamy-Spicy Seitan with Coconut Quinoa

This feels so NAUGHTY…and yet, it’s really not bad for you. Granted the entire can of coconut milk in the recipe IS full of fat….but according to some reading I’ve been doing lately, although coconut is chock full of saturated fat, it’s good for you…great even. Apparently indigenous people who cook everything with coconut oil [...]

Yuca-less, Jamaican Yuca Shepard Pie

I decided to make the yuca shepard’s Pie from V’con, only to discover that there was definitely no yuca to be found anywhere in the vicinity. I decided to use additional sweet potatoes instead of the yuca, and to replace the Scotch Bonnet peppers (which I couldn’t find either) I minced up a habenero and [...]

Coconut Curry

I’d been thinking about making a coconut curry for a long time, the problem is, when I finally got around to it yesterday, I used too much coconut and not enough CURRY…ah well, live and learn. It wasn’t bad, just more mild and sweet than I had been hoping for. Most people would probably find [...]