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April 2015
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I eat food. The blog.

I was checking out the blogosphere last week to see what I could make with the ingredients in my fridge, and was delighted to discover the new recipe database over at I eat food.  Since it was a Thursday and I like lighter meals on my hot yoga nights, I was going for some veggie [...]

Vegan Passover Kugel

I’m already very much over this whole Passover thing—although I must admit my diet is much more varied then back in the days when I had to survive Passover at a University Cafeteria….8 days of salad and nothing but salad got REAL old.  I was at my parents for the first couple nights and brought [...]

Cornbread Dressing?

I’m told something can only be called a stuffing if it’s inside of something else, so apparently a combination of bread and binders in a casserole dish is either a pudding or a dressing…I’m not entirely certain what the difference is there either, but we’ll go with it…and call this a dressing….up.  This is one [...]

Scalloped Pattypan Casserole

There are few things that I find more aggravating then to type and entire blog entry with photos/recipe and all..only to have wordpress log out and the entire thing vanish without a trace the second I hit submit.  That happened the first time I created this post, and I needed to blow off steam for [...]

Diet, Dessert and Dogs…times 3

So one of my favorite Vegan Blog reads is over at Diet, Dessert n Dogs where pretty much EVERYTHING pictured looks absolutely mouth-watering, and makes me want to eat it NOW.  This week I decided to give a few of the recipes I’d been lusting after a try, and wasn’t disappointed, although one was a [...]

Eastern European Casserole and “Chicken” Fried Tofu

I made a couple recipes from the Passionate Vegetarian this week, one of which was a great success…the other…not-so-much.  I knew one of two things would happen with a “casserole” that included egg noodles, saurkraut, onions, apples, and apple sauce.  It would either be REALLY good, or pretty bad.  This wasn’t as bad as it [...]

Breakfast Casserole with Love and Best Dishes

Nobody would ever accuse Paula Deen’s food of being vegan…(or figure friendly for that matter) but here I’ve gone and managed to make one of her decidedly un-vegetarian, un-vegan recipes just that.  It’s still not terribly healthy, but then you can’t have it all.  You can check out Paula’s Version here .  This isn’t the [...]

Meatloaf (The Band) and Banana Split Pudding Brownies

Being somewhat fed up with the crumbly, rather bland, veggie meatloafs I’ve had in the past, I decided it was high time to try one of my own….and I was pretty happy with the results. It was somewhat crumbly until it had cooled for awhile and set up, but it still held its shape much [...]

Un-Crabcakes and Southwestern Corn Pudding

This was a Southern themed dinner, albeit from different sides of the south. Representing the Bayou, we have Vegan Dad’s Crispy Cajun Crabcakes Mine looked nothing like his, but they tasted pretty darn good…I suppose I just don’t have his skill as far as beautiful food goes. Mine were also more yellow then red, which [...]

Cauliflower-Leek Kugel with Herbed Almond Topping

I feel pretty safe saying that I’m something of a kugel expert. I am infinitely familiar with sweet desert kugels…sweet dinner kugels….vegetable kugels…noodle kugels…meat kugels (although I haven’t had one in years) you name it…I’ve probably had it in kugel form. This VwaV recipe, however, was my first vegan kugel, and the actual kugel part [...]