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April 2015
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Mango-Quinoa Salad and Portabella Burgers

It’s been really hot and humid the last couple days…so we lugged the grill back out onto the porch (according to building rules we don’t have one, so SHHH!) and made it a little hotter. Earlier in the day, I’d marinated a couple portabella caps in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil,cooking sherry, and [...]

Orzo salad and improved mushroom burgers

It’s been gorgeous and summery this week, so I felt like cooking to match the weather. Warm weather makes me think pasta salads and burgers, so that’s what I did…although I’ll be honest, I didn’t do any grilling. The Mediterranean Orzo recipe came from Claire’s Classic American Vegetarian Cooking I always thought I hated pasta [...]

Take THAT morningstar!

So I have to admit something to you all before we go any further. I AM AN……..morningstar veggie burger lover. The first bite I had of their mushroom lover’s burger began a not-so-secret affair of which my boyfriend should be jealous…if he isn’t already. They are SO good, and as I discovered looking at the [...]

It’s Burger Season!!

So I’ve never made a burger from scratch…the freezer in my apartment is usually full of Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lovers (me) and Original Gardenburgers (my other half). It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, especially since I’m big on trying to eliminate artificial “junk” from my body, and processed “meats” are where I [...]