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April 2015
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Mushroom Cutlets and first BBQ of the Year!!!

So first things first, we dragged the hibachi grill out of the hall closet this weekend and grilled up some burgers!!!  By the time we got it outside and tried to start things up it was already getting kind of windy and cold out, but that didn’t stop us…it had been sunny all day, and [...]

Sundried Tomato Basil Burgers

Yet another recipe courtesy of the famous Just The Food blog…and I REALLY liked this one.  My version isn’t gluten free like the original since I used plain old whole wheat flour, but I didn’t need it to be.  The only complaint I could make about these is that they were a bit mushy, but [...]

Chinese Takeout Burgers with Purple Mashed Potatoes and Snow Peas

I’d had the Chinese Take Out Burgers from Just the Food bookmarked for weeks now, and I finally got around to making them yesterday.  Yum! I’m glad I didn’t attempt to put these on a bun, because it would’ve been too much.  They’re essentially rice patties (delicious rice patties) and that’s enough carbs for me [...]

Tofu N’ Roots

The bland, unexciting avocado BLT burger is in the past. It is SO in the past. I can’t even remember it, that’s how far out of my memory it’s been pushed. You know why I’m totally over it? Because these were so darn GOOD. This was another burger recipe from Just the Food and boy [...]

BLT Burgers

I’d been looking forward to making these for about a week and a half since my oven’s been broken since before I saw them on Just the Food. I started things off with the bacon bit recipe from the Same Place. That was really my mistake with this recipe, as the TVP never become flavorful [...]

Sloppy Joes

I did it. I saved the “veggie burgers” from Vwav, and they were absolutely delicious. I’d been wanting to try out a sloppy joe tvp rendition for awhile now, and although I’ve never even had the original version, when it occurred to me that I could try it with the failed burgers, I was quickly [...]

Mediterranean Burger

We still had two of those horrible “Bahama Burgers” I reviewed a while ago sitting in the fridge, and I decided it was time I “manned” up and took care of…one. I went with a “the more I put between the buns, the less I’ll taste the burger” theory, and it actually worked out quite [...]

Product Review : Bahama Burgers

These were new in the local health food store this week, and since they were on sale and offered up exciting looking flavors like pineapple-mango, and Mediterranean Medley, I decided to give them a shot. Long story short, they were GROSS. To start with, I was nuking one for my lunch (veggie burgers are usually [...]

Last Summer Grilling

Yesterday they closed the pool for the season, and since the grills were opened in conjunction with the pool, and the gas was turned off when the pool closed every night…we kind of figured they were being shut down for the year as well, and made sure to use them yesterday. I decided to make [...]

Guy Fieri’s Veggie Burger

There are a few reasons I love Guy Fieri so much. One is his personality…he’s just plain cool, and he brings some much needed life to the food network morning line up. The other big reason? While he’s not Veggie, his sister IS a long time vegetarian, and he’s very good with supplying Vegetarian entrees [...]