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April 2015
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Banana Waffles

After wanting one for about 3 years…I finally bought my own waffle maker. It’s actually a waffle iron/panini press/grill in one with exchangeable plates. I got it on black friday for 10 bucks. I took the new toy for a test drive with the banana walnut waffles from V’con, minus the walnuts. These were waffley [...]

Mac N’ Cheese Fritatta

I figured I’d share this with you…I took a large serving of the leftover mac n’cheese, broke it up in a bowl, and added 5 eggs. (I know, that’s a LOT of eggs). I mixed everything together and poured it into a well-greased skillet. It took 5 minutes on the stove to cook the bottom, [...]

Challah Bread Pudding

Since I’m on a roll with the high-fat cooking (Just so you know…I’ve spent more than enough time in the gym the last couple days to counterbalance) I decided to make the remaining challah into bread pudding. I used the recipe found at the Amish Kitchen and while my thighs may not appreciate it, my [...]

French Challah

I TOLD you I was going to make French Toast out of the Challah. You should actually be getting even more excited, because I think I’m going to make the remaining Challah (What can I say, there was a LOT) into bread pudding today. This was a very simple recipe, an egg, splash of milk, [...]

Just to hold you over

I actually cooked tonight, and made some pretty exciting food. That said, I have entire recipes and such to put up along with the pictures, and it’s a bit late for that tonight. Enter……Pancakes! I made these for breakfast the other day, since we had some fresh blueberries to finish up before they were no [...]

Potato-Mushroom Blintzes

I wanted to make something fancy for breakfast today…and while these may not really look the part, they tasted awful good, so we’ll chalk this one down as a success. I made the potato-mushroom blintzes from V’con, using their “savory” crepe recipe, and putting in some Orange zest. I balked a little at the 1.5 [...]

Breakfast Scramble

The one rule I have about tofu scrambles is that they must be yellow. Generally I’m not terribly concerned about food colors, since taste is much more important, and what law states that all scrambles MUST be yellow? But I like my breakfast protein yellow, and so yellow it was this morning. I wrapped half [...]

Hash Browns

I’ve been wanting to make these ever since I first saw them at Vegan Yum Yum. I used the simplest recipe possible…grating 5 potatoes, mincing an onion into them, and giving the entire heap a good grind of salt and pepper. I squeezed as much liquid as possible out of the heap, and set to [...]


WARNING….this one does involve eggs. The potatoes were totally Vegan, I made the diner home fries from V’con, for once following the recipe EXACTLY as it was written. I was tempted to add some chili pepper flakes, but I left them out. It was good, but I’m definitely excited about having a little kick next [...]