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April 2015
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More Tester Recipes, Breakfast and Barbeque. All the Basic Food Groups

This is just a quick round-up of some of things I’ve been cooking lately.  First off a couple more tester for Diet, Dessert and Dogs making an appearance.  First off is a frittata with zucchini and chard, looking incredibly bright in my afternoon lit apartment .    If you didn’t get it from the blush color, [...]

Morning ‘Glory” Bread

I actually have this great mutual arrangement worked out.  A friend of mine has a subscription to Vegetarian Times, even though she isn’t a Vegetarian and doesn’t cook.  I’m not sure exactly how she ended up with a subscription, but I can’t complain, because every month her copy shows up, she quickly flips through it, [...]

Sweet Potato Hash

So I stuck with tradition, and made a hash for breakfast, although it would’ve been darn good for dinner too, and my roommate took the leftovers for lunch.  By and large sweet potatoes won’t easily develop that crispy crust on the bottom that normal white potatoes do in a good hash, but if you leave [...]

Tomato Rosemary Scones

This is yet another recipe from Vegan Brunch, and one that I’ve been wanting to try since I first opened the book cause the picture looks so darn good.  I had to replace the fresh rosemary with dried, and used whole wheat flour instead of regular white, so mine don’t look quite as pretty as [...]

Sesame Peanut Noodles and Orange-Rhubarb Jam

I needed dinner the other night, and we literally had NO food…so I had to go back to “what’s always in the kitchen” and the answer to that is soba noodles and peanut butter.  Fortunately all the other ingredients for this happened to be available as well, so I went with this recipe.  I replaced [...]

Spring Garlic Hash

This recipe was (very) loosely based on the Leek-Potato Vinaigrette in Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant . Spring garlic looks a lot like leeks, but smells like Garlic, and is pretty much only available in late spring. (At least that’s the only time I can get it around here) I was craving some potatoes as [...]

Tofu Florentine

I didn’t exactly have a light hand with the cheezy sauce (this is a V’con recipe, start to finish) But this was damn good. It went down over whole wheat sourdough since we didn’t have potatoes or english muffins. “Tell everyone your boy approves” ‘Nuff said. Selah.

Banana-Orange Oatmeal Pancakes

I love waking up on a sunday morning and having plenty of time to shuffle around in my pjs and come up with something delicious for breakfast, there’s just nothing I find more relaxing. Better yet, my sister and her guy were here this weekend, and unbeknown to the happy omnivores, I fed them Vegan [...]

Orange Glazed Scones and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy

So today was a VwaV day, and OMFG did it make up for the TVP burger disaster. Breakfast was a combination of the leftover tempeh bacon from yesterday (my omni friend who’d never heard of tempeh before this morning even liked it!) and the orange glazed scones (also from VwaV). The scones were ridiculously easy, [...]

Spiced Hash Browns

Definitely not my first Vegan Dad recipe, but it was the first I made from my officially printed and bound copy of his book! These were pretty classic hash browns, although the array of spices was a pretty nice addition, and I was a BIG fan of the cayenne…but aren’t I always? I can’t wait [...]