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April 2015
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I eat food. The blog.

I was checking out the blogosphere last week to see what I could make with the ingredients in my fridge, and was delighted to discover the new recipe database over at I eat food.  Since it was a Thursday and I like lighter meals on my hot yoga nights, I was going for some veggie [...]

Chicken Fried Seitan and Corn on the Cob

There are a couple knife blocks in my kitchen, and while the Chefs, pairing knife, and bread knife get used a few times a day, there is entire row that I almost never touch, and those are the steak knives.  When you don’t eat steak, you simple don’t need to saw into anything most days, [...]

The post-computer disaster food round-up

First I went to Pittsburgh for a few days where I wasn’t cooking, so there was no food.  Then my computer started doing wacky things…bad wacky.  It got worse and worse until it hit rock-bottom, became completely useless, and I had to wipe everything out and reinstall the operating system.  So that’s my story and [...]

Trader Joes “Mozz” and Stuffed Artichokes

So there’s a Trader Joes about 20 minutes away from me, which I used to find pretty exciting…but then I discovered Edge of the Woods (the Vegetarian Grocery in New Haven) which became my regular shopping destination, followed by the Whole Foods that recently opened right near the Trader Joes for anything I couldn’t normally [...]

Diet, Dessert and Dogs…times 3

So one of my favorite Vegan Blog reads is over at Diet, Dessert n Dogs where pretty much EVERYTHING pictured looks absolutely mouth-watering, and makes me want to eat it NOW.  This week I decided to give a few of the recipes I’d been lusting after a try, and wasn’t disappointed, although one was a [...]