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April 2015
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Black Bean Un-Koftas, Crumbled Potatoes with Edamame, and Red Cooked Daikon

This was a very ethnic meal, which I’m sometimes thrilled with, and other times they can be a flop. This one was good. Flipping through Brand Name Chinese, I saw a recipe for lamb koftas, which are meatballs with an almond stuffed inside, covered with a thick yogurt based gravy. Commence mission veganize: I came [...]

Asian Crustless Quiche

This meal was doomed. It tasted really good, and was a great way to use up some leftovers on shopping night, but it was definitely doomed. I chopped up a bunch of leftover bok choy, along with a handful of mushrooms, and added to it milk, eggs, hot Asian chili paste, five spice powder, and [...]

Baby Bok Choy with Shallots and Miso Soup

I’ve made the baby bok choy recipe from V’con a few times, but it’s been awhile, so it hasn’t seen the light of “blog” yet. The sad thing is…I’m just not as enamored with it as I used to be. This was the BEST baby bok choy recipe ever…until I made the baby bok choy [...]

A little Asian Flair

The hot and sour soup recipe from V’con is a favorite in my home, and last time I made as much as would fit in the pot, so that I could put another meal’s worth in the freezer for a later date. Yesterday was that “later date”. The flavor and all the veggies were still [...]