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April 2015
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Veggies and Stuffing

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, and even though thanks to my work schedule I’ll be spending the holiday alone, I’ve been feeling the need to make thanksgiving food anyway. Today’s dinner really consisted of a couple sides…some simple veggies, and a vegan stuffing. The veggie side started off with some quickly blanched green beans. The [...]

Linguine and Beanballs

I’d been eyeing this recipe in V’con for awhile, but was a little scared about making it. I’m sorry, but “beanballs” just does not sound very appetizing to me, not something that makes my mouth water in the grand scheme of food-dom. I was wrong about these…wrong, wrong, wrong. Would I rename them? Probably, although [...]

Quick Pasta Dinner

There’s nothing simpler than a white wine sauce over pasta, and I was going for simple last night. We also had a bag of green beans and a red bell pepper that were about to kick the bucket, so I used those up as well. Ingredients 1 red bell pepper 3 cloves garlic, minced Approx. [...]

Roasted Chickpeas

I got this snack from Fat Free Vegan and knew I just had to try them. I used canned chickpeas, and made the lime-chili powder combination. I ended up burning them a bit…while SusanV says they should cook 50-55 minutes, I took mine out a bit late at 45…40 minutes would do these fine. Other [...]

Asian Slaw, Baked Beans with “Dogs” and V’con Baked Lima Beans

This was a multi-part meal, designed with the purpose of finishing off the perishable fridge contents before they well…perish. This dinner was actually very BBQ-Esq., minus the need for an actual grill or barbequing action. The purpose of the slaw was to finish off the head of napa cabbage that’s been rolling around in my [...]

Guy Fieri’s Veggie Burger

There are a few reasons I love Guy Fieri so much. One is his personality…he’s just plain cool, and he brings some much needed life to the food network morning line up. The other big reason? While he’s not Veggie, his sister IS a long time vegetarian, and he’s very good with supplying Vegetarian entrees [...]

Chinese Green Beans, Saffron Rice, and a Blackberry Crumble

First, an apology. I’m having serious computer problems, and because my laptop has been un-usable, I’ve built up a serious backlog of food. To fix it, I’m going to try and combine several dishes into a couple entries and get the one that follows this up as quick as possible. In the meantime I’m using [...]