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April 2015
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BLT Burgers

I’d been looking forward to making these for about a week and a half since my oven’s been broken since before I saw them on Just the Food. I started things off with the bacon bit recipe from the Same Place. That was really my mistake with this recipe, as the TVP never become flavorful [...]

Slow Cooker Chili

Since I saw my first snow of the season last week (it didn’t stick…thankfully) I’ve officially deemed it chili season. I made chili in a pot last year, and kept an eye on it all day long to make sure I didn’t burn my apartment down in the process…this year, I have a slow cooker! [...]

Mediterranean Burger

We still had two of those horrible “Bahama Burgers” I reviewed a while ago sitting in the fridge, and I decided it was time I “manned” up and took care of…one. I went with a “the more I put between the buns, the less I’ll taste the burger” theory, and it actually worked out quite [...]

Mushroom Avocado Rolls

I hadn’t made sushi in awhile, so I figured it was time to put together some simple rolls. I softened up some mushrooms in sherry and olive oil, and filled the rolls with a combination of shrooms, sliced avocado, scallion, and home-pickled daikon. I was bummed to discover these were pretty bland…I think I like [...]