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April 2015
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Carrot Bisque and Cornmeal Blueberry Sunshine Muffins

This was another VwaV night, and as has been my experience with the cookbook, a total success. I’d never made a carrot soup before, but decided it was high time to give it a try, and I’m happy that I did. This actually reminded me a lot of baby food, which is totally not a [...]

Pepper Bake and Pad Thai

The pepper bake is actually a thicker version of a flatbread, and is VERY good. The recipe came from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian and was real easy to make. There’s no yeast involved, as I’m sure you can tell from the picture, although it does require you to cover and leave it alone for an [...]

Pink Bean and Quinoa Croquettes with Mushroom Sauce, and Italian Tofu over Wilted Spinach

Who ever would’ve thought to do a croquette with quinoa? I swear Isa is a genius… I was worried these would never stay together, but I’m glad to report that I was dead wrong. Until they were hit with a fork, these held their shape perfectly, and that’s all I can ask for. Recipe from [...]

Maple-Mustard Glazed Potatoes and String Beans

VwaV…you went off, and you did it again, these are AMAZING. As usual I went ahead and jazzed things up a bit by mincing a hot pepper and adding it to the mix, but the sauce was all Isa. I could’ve eaten the entire casserole dish worth of this by myself, but sadly, I had [...]

Cauliflower-Leek Kugel with Herbed Almond Topping

I feel pretty safe saying that I’m something of a kugel expert. I am infinitely familiar with sweet desert kugels…sweet dinner kugels….vegetable kugels…noodle kugels…meat kugels (although I haven’t had one in years) you name it…I’ve probably had it in kugel form. This VwaV recipe, however, was my first vegan kugel, and the actual kugel part [...]

Valentines Dinner

This was me and my boyfriend’s third V’Day together and we did the same thing we have the last couple years, which is cook a nice dinner together, for just the two of us. This was the first time our Valentines dinner was completely Vegan, although with all the coconut milk it was beyond decadent, [...]

No-Rise Bread

Even a non-baker like me couldn’t screw this up. (too bad; the bottom did burn a bit) This bread was deliciously crusty on the outside and luxuriously soft on the inside. It was great for sopping up all the sauce from the vegan baked ziti that was sadly gobbled up too fast for a picture. [...]

Sweet N Spicy Stir Fry

Making this over Ramen was a mistake, but otherwise it wasn’t bad. The dish was a little too sweet for me, and the spice was lost in all the sauce. Next time I’d probably halve the sugar and double the chili flakes, but other than that, the foundations of a good sauce are there. I’ll [...]

REALLY GROSS Pasta Salad and Portabella Burgers

I knew as I was making this that it would be gross. The ingredients were just plain weird, but I kept at it anyway, pulling things out of the fridge and combining them, more out of sheer boredom than anything else. I was right, this was gross, and I won’t even bother sharing what I [...]

Stuffed Graffiti Eggplant

I’ll be honest, and admit that I bought these because they were called graffiti eggplant, there was nothing more to it than that. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cool looking vegetables. For some reason I came up with the idea to stuff them, and it was a good one. I was originally [...]