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April 2015
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Homemade Pasta

So this was my first attempt at making my own pasta with my new machine….it could have gone better. On the bright side I figured out what I was doing towards the end, so there were some good noodles…unfortunately there were also a lot of “noodle clumps”. The good news is that we live and [...]

Homemade Ravioli and Squash Blossoms

I tried making homemade ravioli using wonton wrappers once before, but it was something of a disaster. The problem was that I made the raviolis earlier in the day, and then set them aside, planning to cook them later. By the time I got to them, the filling had soaked through the wontons, and all [...]

pasta fritatta

We’re running short on food at the moment, and since I want to wait until the farmer’s market on Friday to pick up new stuff, I’m stretching it a little creatively. This morning I made a frittata for breakfast, but since all we had for useful veggies was 4 mushrooms and some frozen peas, I [...]

“half” Vegan quiche

I know there’s no such thing as “half vegan”. Either a dish is Vegan or it isn’t…but with quiche I’m taking it slow. We’re talking about a dish that’s normally got three different dairy product, cheese, milk, and eggs. If I make a tofu cake in crust, that could very well be a good dish, [...]

Take THAT morningstar!

So I have to admit something to you all before we go any further. I AM AN……..morningstar veggie burger lover. The first bite I had of their mushroom lover’s burger began a not-so-secret affair of which my boyfriend should be jealous…if he isn’t already. They are SO good, and as I discovered looking at the [...]


WARNING….this one does involve eggs. The potatoes were totally Vegan, I made the diner home fries from V’con, for once following the recipe EXACTLY as it was written. I was tempted to add some chili pepper flakes, but I left them out. It was good, but I’m definitely excited about having a little kick next [...]