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April 2015
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Mac N’ Cheese Fritatta

I figured I’d share this with you…I took a large serving of the leftover mac n’cheese, broke it up in a bowl, and added 5 eggs. (I know, that’s a LOT of eggs). I mixed everything together and poured it into a well-greased skillet. It took 5 minutes on the stove to cook the bottom, [...]

Naan Pizza

In an effort to work through all the naan from yesterday, today’s dinner was naan-leftover pizza. On mine, I had the remainder of the plain yogurt, minced garlic, sliced tomato, oil-cured olives, and crumbled vegetable balls. It’s weird, I know, and I probably wouldn’t recommend it, unless you have very strange taste like me. Naan [...]

Challah Bread Pudding

Since I’m on a roll with the high-fat cooking (Just so you know…I’ve spent more than enough time in the gym the last couple days to counterbalance) I decided to make the remaining challah into bread pudding. I used the recipe found at the Amish Kitchen and while my thighs may not appreciate it, my [...]

Siamese Challah

I’ve made challah many times before…with my mother…with friends…at Jewish institutes and programs…but never by myself. At 23 years old, I’d never actually made my own challah from scratch, and it was high time. It had to have raisins, since all the superior “challot” do, and since I had them, I decided to give it [...]

Guest Post – Eggplant Parmesian

There’s a new addition to the blog this week, an entry from my best friend Andi from Vermont that came to visit for the weekend. She decided to make her famous eggplant parm that we absolutely love… check it out! Now just as a note, this is a real “comfort food” and not vegan, but [...]

Carrot-Zucchini Wontons, Fried Rice and Pickled Carrots

Greg came over one last time before leaving for a year in Korea this week, and in honor of his relocation to Asia, we made Asian food. I didn’t attempt any Kimchee…although I have a recipe for it, and the thought did cross my mind. Instead, I decided to class it up a bit, and [...]

Mashed Potatoes, BBQ Tofu and Zucchini Bread

I was in the mood for a very classic American, comfort food style dinner. To me (feel free to disagree) the best comfort food on EARTH is a big bowl of mashed potatoes, and I made a big pot of it tonight so I could do just that. I kicked it up a notch by [...]

Noodle Quiche

This time around, I tried the “noodle Quiche” from Vegetarian Planet, which I’m currently borrowing from the library, but may HAVE to buy before it’s due. The book is seriously amazing, it’s got tons of recipes, some Vegan, most just Vegetarian, but there are more than a hundred I wanted to try just flipping through…oh [...]

Banana Bread

I finally found a baking recipe that even I can’t screw up….probably because there are fewer than ten ingredients and the directions are very clear. You know how sometimes you go to grab a banana off the bunch, and in twisting the stem, manage to rip all of them at the top? Once that happens, [...]

Guy Fieri’s Veggie Burger

There are a few reasons I love Guy Fieri so much. One is his personality…he’s just plain cool, and he brings some much needed life to the food network morning line up. The other big reason? While he’s not Veggie, his sister IS a long time vegetarian, and he’s very good with supplying Vegetarian entrees [...]