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May 2011
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Rainbow Chard Pasta, Grilled Foccacia and Currry Tofu with White Asparagus

Does it ever happen that you think you’re making a surprising well-balanced meal and then you look at the colors on the plate and feel that something’s gone horribly wrong?  I was thinking grain, protein, vegetable, which was how I created a grilled dinner that included foccacia made from a bagged pizza dough mix, a curry grilled tofu, and these beautiful white asparagus I picked up…


As you can see, it all ended up being more or less the same color, and I always grew up hearing that a good plate is a colorful plate.  Mission fail.  My intentions were so good though…..Anyway, outside of the color front, this was all delicious, and I suppose I could have thrown a bit of spinach on the plate to liven things up if I’d really cared.  the foccacia, while not contributing much nutritiously, was my favorite part.  I used one of those “mix with water” pizza crusts, and pressed it out a bit with my fingers.  I then used a pastry brush to coat with olive oil, and sprinkled liberally with dried basil, oregano, powdered garlic, and Salt and Pepper.  The entire thing then went on to a hot outdoor grill, where the cover was put down and it was left to cook for about ten minutes.  I COULD NOT stop eating this.  There’s also something about making bread on a grill that I really enjoy…I’m pretty sure the grill marks on the bottom make it taste better.

The white asparagus was nothing special, it was dropped in boiling water for a couple minutes, and then tossed with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I was a fan of the tofu recipe which I picked up here, although my grill marks weren’t as perfect as those in the picture that accompanies the recipe.  It still tasted great.

And then there was pasta.


This isn’t anything groundbreaking….some rainbow chard, garlic and onion sauteed in olive oil, and then mixed with rigatoni.  I used a bit of white wine and braggs to deglaze the veggies as I was cooking, but that’s really it.  Sometimes there’s just nothing better than simplicity…

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  • I_Fortuna

    Hi, I just wanted to mention that starter is a really easy thing to make if you are patient. One thing you might add that seems to speed up raising bread is to add a vit. C tablet crushed into your yeast mixture. This always works for me. Also, be sure that you are not over-kneading and let the bread rise to double the size at least twice. If you can, use a wooden bowl or wooden bread board or plastic if you must. Metal mixing bowls tend to be cold and inhibit rising. Also, be sure to cover the dough with a damp towel or plastic wrap and place in a warm spot where there is no draft. Dough likes to be ignored, so no peeking. Be sure to punch down the dough after rising, knead it a few tmes and once you put it on the baking sheet, let it rise again. Lastly, be sure to pre-heat your oven and make sure it is nice and hot before you pop the bread in. Hope this helps, I love homemade bread!

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