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May 2011
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Fennel Zuccini Soup

I’m fairly certain this was my first time using a recipe from Bon Appetit….and it went well.  I’m not sure how they obtained the color and texture in their picture…perhaps they peeled their zucchini, although I’m not sure why you would do that…all the flavor a zucchini has is in the skin.  Mine was also a lot thicker….but perhaps that has also has something to do with my use of an immersion blender instead of the stand blender.


I followed their recipe exactly outside of where I replaced chicken stock with its vegetable counterpart.  I also chopped a full side tomato for the “relish” but I’m pretty sure that had zero effect on flavor.  This was a great warming, savory dish….perfect for the cold rainy weather last night…although I’ll admit I’m staying away from the leftovers today when it is 85F and humid.  I’m sure it’ll cool down again this week though…and I’m excited just thinking about the bowl of this waiting for me…highly recommended.


2 comments to Fennel Zuccini Soup

  • Michal

    Is there no chance of you coming back? I really loved your blog, I even put up a link in my blog on my israblog.

  • beershevaboheme6

    Hi Michal

    I will be back! I’ve been working and living at a summer program where meals are made for me, and am now setting up to move to Israel so everything is crazy. Once I am settled in my new home…I hope to be back at it!

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