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March 2011
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Latin-Baked Tofu Tacos and Raddish Chipatis

This is where the “diet” started a bit…with some of the latin-baked tofu from Viva Vegan, which wasn’t actually baked, since I was short on time and cooked it up in a pan with a bit of non-stick spray instead and that was served up on some corn  tortillas with a handful of baby spinach, sliced black olives and a spoonful of salsa.


This was actually my first experiment with purchasing the in-house made tofu at my local grocer, and I was surprised at how firm and steak-like the texture actually was….it’s a bit cheaper then the brand-name kind as well, not to mention more environmentally friendly, since I can just stick it in a tupperware of my own, so it is something I’ll be purchasing again, without question.  I do want to be eating more beans and dark greens right now then tofu though, as they are lower in fat.

The next dinner was Indian inspired, based off the bunch of beautiful radishes I saw at the store.  I don’t even like radishes that much as a rule, but I find them so pretty sometimes, that I simply can’t resist the urge to purchase a bunch.   I cooked up the radishes using this recipe (yep, diet food again, I apologize) and replacing the radish greens (mine didn’t look all that good by the time I got to them) with a handful of chopped baby spinach.


I cooked up some chipatis to serve up the radish saute on, and helped out with some jarred mint chutney and pickled citrus from the local Indian Grocer.  My favorite thing about Indian food is how flavorful it is, since that spice fills me up a lot faster and makes me much more aware of how full I am before I go back for unnecessary seconds.  Which isn’t to say I didn’t want seconds…this WAS yummy.  (Not to mention nutritious).  I’m not about to eat radishes the way my Mother does (sliced up raw on a bagel) but this actually won me over…maybe they aren’t just a pretty face…


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