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January 2011
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Peruvian Lima Bean and Cherry Tomato Salad and Creamy Corn Empanadas

This week it was back to Mexican food….Viva Vegan more specifically.  The first recipe was the lima bean, corn and tomato salad from the book….which was ok.  Maybe this is more exciting with the called-for cilantro, I’m not sure since I decided to leave the green out, although I added a healthy dosing of coriander instead which is basically the same thing…  I also think the beans were a bit TOO soft, which is never an issue I have with reconstituting my own beans…normally I find them too al dente, but apparently this time I did a bit TOO good of a job.


I would probably double the dressing recipe as well…I added some yet still found this very bland.  It’s healthy sure, but nothing to write home about.  I could see it as a relish or something on top of a protein in tacos, but it doesn’t stand up on its own in my opinion.

Much more successful in my opinion were the creamy corn empanadas from the same book.  I shudder a bit knowing how unhealthy the pastry is (white flour and shortening for the most part) but I’ve got to admit it tasted good…and never one to go within 20 feet of creamed corn in a can, I loved the version you make to fill these empanadas.


That’s some homemade guacamole that I served these up with, although they were more then snack-able on their own as well.  I liked this filling a lot better then the shredded seitan-olive ones from the same book, which were also a little harder to swallow since I made the pastry with whole wheat flour..much healthier but not quite as yummy.  Also as a note these aren’t quite soy-free since I did brush with soy creamer, but they’re easily made so, just brush with your favorite non-milk or “egg” product of choice, and my designation of this as a soy-free recipe becomes truth.

Mmmm adventures in Mexican food…this is all making me want a taco right about now…something about snow and cold makes me think Mexico I guess…


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