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November 2010
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Rustic White Beans with Mushrooms and other Thanksgiving-like Delights

I’ve been cooking sides and desserts to bring home to the family Thanksgiving all weekend, and I decided to make a thing or two for myself as well come dinnertime.  I did the rustic white beans with mushrooms from Veganomicon (using canned beans and oyster mushrooms), topping with breadcrumbs and oven-baking for 25 minutes.  I also mashed some yams with earth balance, soy milk, cinnamon and a bit of salt and pepper and did a small side salad.  Finished off with my attempt at Vegan Fudge (I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture on this) and some fresh blueberries, it was like thanksgiving came a early this year…although I would’ve liked some gravy for the beans…I’m bringing the mushroom gravy I made home to my parents though.


I can’t take too much credit…the fresh blueberries were almost unequivocally the star of this meal.  To all my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  • Concerned for Planet

    As one person concerned about our Planet, I simply would like to share some important information (pertains to soy and the environment) with you that perhaps you, and no doubt other vegetarians, health foodies and non-dairy eating persons may not be aware regarding soy vs the environment.

    And no this is not the typical comment you might expect, telling you soy bad for your health and bashing vegetarians or vegans (I have no problem with either). Even though, yes, despite your contradictions, there is significant evidence that soy, in certain amounts over an extended time period, is bad for your health and especially so for children.

    But I digress, and I don’t want to put you off the main reason I’m writing this … please bare with me:

    No, what I want to tell you is that today, in 2010, where the environment is of extreme concern, Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of soy globally. Why is this a problem? Deforestation (the destruction of the rain forests – the green lungs of our planet) to make way for soy plantations to feed an ever increasing demand globally (overpopulation).

    This fact should be of grave concern to every human being who cares, or professes to care, for the environment, themselves and their fellow man and nature. Especially when purchasing a product that contains some form of soy in its ingredients list (it is impossible nowadays to find products that don’t contain soy).

    In an insidious fashion, the large food corporations have turned soy and its many so-called “healthy” by-products into the “high fructose corn syrup” of our day. I challenge you to walk through the aisles of any store, pick up random items and read through the ingredients – you will be shocked! Where soy was never on ingredient lists, even as recently as two years ago, it has now become common place!

    All I’m saying is “be aware”.

    You can read about deforestation in the Amazon by simply typing in the key-words “amazon deforestation soy” in Google or your favorite search engine.

    Thanks for listening!

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