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October 2010
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Quick Red Posole with Beans

I did warn you that I’d probably be making nothing but Mexican food for awhile, and this one, also from Viva la Vegan is no exception….it is also probably my new favorite comfort food…hands down.   Then again I have a new favorite comfort food every two weeks…I’m just a flip-flopper like that.


I followed the recipe from the book, switching out hominy for frozen corn (because seriously, who has hominy) and adding a couple smoked and dried chipotles to the mix since I had them on hand.  I also used fresh diced roma tomatoes (they were absolutely gorgeous and dirt cheap at the market this week) and simmered everything for 45 minutes as opposed to 25 simply because I had the time and it kept smelling better and better.  I was originally going to eat this with a spoon, but at the last minute decided to go for tortilla chips instead…I had two bowls full and didn’t so much as consider a utensil…I may just never buy salsa again…

If you’ve got Viva la Vegan and haven’t given this recipe a shot yet, I suggest you get on it right away…for dinner tonight if you can…you won’t regret it.


2 comments to Quick Red Posole with Beans

  • Ashley

    Just FYI it is Viva la Vegan not Vive la Vegan. I love that book to and use it weekly…but there is a Vive le vegan also that is French and as a Spanish teacher, I just thought you should know :)

  • beershevaboheme6

    thanks for the catch….I type faster then I think most days :)

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