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October 2010
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Potato-Turnip Green Soup and Green Thai Curry

I’m not entirely sure what makes potato-kale soup latina…it’s a dish I’ve done before in several varieties, and I don’t find it terribly innovative in a Vegan cookbook anymore, but it’s good nonetheless (especially with the days cooling down as they have been) and I did like the addition of some fried-up sausage on top.  I also switched out the kale for turnip greens (as you could probably see from the title of this entry) since I had a huge bunch of them in the fridge and I firmly believe that all greens are interchangeable.  Except escarole…which is just plain bitter and gross.  I didn’t have any special sausage on hand, so I just chopped up a few Boca breakfast sausages and fried them up in a bit of olive oil as topping.


Following up the soup, I put together a quick Thai-style curry the next night, using up any vegetables along with some seitan I had on hand, and a prepared green curry paste  The flavors were rounded out with a splash of Shoyu, and a sprinkle of raw cane sugar.  I know you all can’t hear it, but I just need to make an aside and say that the speed at which the wind is whistling outside is TERRIFYING right now.  Good thing I’m not under any trees.  So anyhow, take a look at the curry, served up over sticky rice:


It was indeed delicious…and for the first time in awhile, not latino influenced.


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